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Discover quality online business training and take your team to the next level. Online language courses, tailored to your team's needs.
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Find the training your company needs and we customise it for your employees.


Employees will have a comprehensive experience thanks to our own virtual classroom and dashboard.


We have internationally certified native teachers.


Languages for companies

English, French, German, Chinese… Find the language your employees need to reinforce with certified native teachers.


Languages for Companies

English Courses

In-company English language training is the main tool for international growth. Find the course your company needs.




Online English courses

Spanish courses

The best personalised Spanish training for your employees is at Classgap for Enterprise, choose from individual or group classes, intensive or basic courses and much more.

Online Spanish courses

German courses

Training your employees in German with certified teachers who speak English is the best way to achieve more effective learning and better results in the short term.

Online German courses

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5 tips to bind the talent

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Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence can also be developed with learning.

Employer Branding

Nowadays, caring for employees is as important as caring for customers: they are the real ambassadors of the brand.