The customized learning platform for companies.

The revolution of online training for companies, with one to one classes, from anywhere and at any time.
Training plan

We detect training gaps in your team and improvement points


Employees will be able to choose where and when to take classes with an online teacher

Funded training

We will assist you in the management and processing of the training subvention.

Classgap For Enterprise is the Global Training Solution

We are the only company that offers personalized online training with teachers from around the world, and we do not only focus on languages.

Tailor-made business training

We design tailor-made training experiences for companies and transform corporate knowledge through one to one customized classes.

Why choose Classgap for Enterprise?

We adapt to the learning needs of each employee. Manage easily the return on investment in your company's training and pay only for completed classes

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Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness and emotional intelligence can also be developed with learning.

Employer Branding

Nowadays, caring for employees is as important as caring for customers: they are the real ambassadors of the brand.