In today’s globalised and international business world, those who can communicate better will always be better seen. Nowadays, one of the skills most in demand by employers in multinational companies or companies offering services abroad is fluency in English. Having become a global language, it is not surprising that c gives a more professional image. Today we explain, among other things, the 10 advantages of English courses for companies. Ready? Let’s take off!

Why offer in-company English courses?

Today, more than 1 billion people speak English. In the business world, it is estimated that more than 300 million people use the English language to communicate on a daily basis. Can you imagine being left out of this trend and missing out on business opportunities? We give you 10 advantages of introducing English for business in your business.

10 advantages of in-company English courses

  1. Your employees will be able to adapt to the new reality. Failure to keep up with new trends and pay attention to market needs means letting your company miss out on valuable opportunities.
  2. With the right business English courses, they won’t just learn English. Employees in a company who are fluent in English also need to learn to understand the cultural nuances of the countries and people they communicate with.
  3. Your team’s communication with other foreign colleagues, as well as with clients from other countries, will be much smoother. Imagine a project where team members cannot communicate with each other or spend hours and hours translating messages sent to them by their colleagues. That would be a terrible waste of time for both you and your clients.
  4. Communicating in English will add value to your firm. Bear in mind that having the ability to adapt to market and client requirements with business languages will make your brand much more recognisable, gain reputation and authority.
  5. You will sell more, gaining access to better opportunities. Simply by the fact that your employees can communicate in English you will have access to a large part of the market that you would not otherwise be able to contemplate.
  6. A lot of information available on the internet is in English. With so much information in English it is really interesting that your employees have a good command of this language.
  7. It is no secret that knowing how to communicate in English will open the doors of your business to the outside world. You will be able to communicate better with the customers you already have. Business English will also allow you to expand your market to other countries.
  8. Your business will be much more productive, adopting English in your business is the key to success. If you have few employees in your business history who are fluent in English, you may not be able to close interesting deals as quickly as you would like. With business English courses you equip your staff with the skills to deal with all these situations.
  9. You’ve probably seen politicians travelling to other countries. Some of them don’t know English and need an interpreter. This makes the meeting much longer and more tedious. Now extrapolate that example to your company. If you ever need to go on a business trip, isn’t it more than convenient to be able to speak in a common language with your client so that the conversation goes smoothly and you don’t have to rely on third parties?
  10. All these advantages that we have just explained could be grouped into one simple thing: if your company can communicate in English, you can give a sense of professionalism and proximity, so they will choose you first.

Benefits of English courses for your business

The biggest benefit for your company is undoubtedly the savings. If you offer in-company English courses for your employees, they will not have to travel, so they will save time and be more productive, without having to pay for transport or pay for a different course for each employee.

On the other hand, each employee will be able to have a personalised follow-up adapted to the needs they have in the company, as long as they have a similar level.

What are the Classgap for Enterprise English courses like?

We have already seen how interesting it is to have English courses for business. But what additional benefits can Classgap for Enterprise online courses give you? First of all, you also save the cost of the teacher’s travel time. You will also be able to enjoy our virtual platform, training and methodologies adapted to the needs of your business. If you want all this and more for your business and your employees, contact us and we will get to work to offer you the best in English courses for companies.