What are the languages most in demand by companies? Top 3 essential languages

idiomas demandados por empresas

There are executives who still think that investing in in-house training for languages and other skills is not worthwhile. However, in today’s globalized world and marketplace, effective communication is essential. In business, closing deals or establishing agreements requires more than just speaking a language fluently. It is also important to understand the context and the needs of your interlocutor in order to get the most out of the opportunity. This is why language courses for companies are so important. If you want to know which languages are most in demand by companies, keep reading.

The most popular languages that can be included in flexible remuneration

If offering language courses to your employees as part of your benefits package is part of your plans, it is advisable to do so within the framework of flexible compensation. This will increase the value and emotional salary perceived by employees. It is also significant to choose the right languages for your company, as this will enable your team to achieve better results. These are the most in-demand languages:

Business English: open doors to the world.

Business English is the international language par excellence. It is the official or co-official language in many countries, and many of the major commercial centers are located in English-speaking countries. This makes Business English a priority. When creating a flexible compensation plan, it is essential to include Business English. Language courses for companies that focus on Business English will not only provide employees with adequate training, but will also increase their emotional salary.

Business French: understanding a good business partner

Another popular language is Business French. It is spoken throughout much of the world and has an air of romance that makes it attractive to many. In terms of business, France is considered a strong commercial partner for Spain, with continuous and fluid trade between the two countries. Therefore, professionals who are proficient in Business French and understand the business context are in demand.

Business German: the language of industry and technology

The third most in-demand language for companies is Business German. Germany is a hub of innovation, industry, and technology, and has a lot of economic potential. Many firms want to do business with German organizations, so employees who are fluent in Business German and understand the context are indispensable. Language courses for companies that focus on Business German will be very beneficial for teams.

Helping employees to learn business languages

It is the employees of a company who will learn business languages and demonstrate the profitability of these efforts. However, the company can also take action to help employees absorb the content more quickly and make progress faster. This will benefit employees by increasing their emotional salary and providing more profitability for the company. Some steps you can take to achieve this include:

  • Team building afternoons: using the target language for communication, an afternoon dedicated to building relationships within the team can be very beneficial. It will create a better atmosphere in the office and provide employees with a context in which they can practice their business languages while having fun.
  • Events in foreign delegations: a short stay in a foreign subsidiary can boost employees’ knowledge. In addition to applying what they have learned in business language courses, they will also get to know other colleagues and ways of working.
  • Flexible compensation and in-company language courses: in addition to offering in-house language courses, make sure they are included in the flexible compensation plan. This allows employees to see savings in their paychecks and appreciate the learning that helps them solve their day-to-day problems.

Why offer the 3 most popular languages for companies?

In addition to providing more motivation to employees, language courses for companies are ideal if you want to get more profitability. Employees streamlining communication and becoming more independent increases results. As you have already seen, English, French, and German tend to be the most popular languages. Therefore, having good language courses for companies so that workers are trained in these languages will be vital for the expansion and internationalization of the firm. So, if you want to know more about our language courses for companies and how they are included in the flexible remuneration, write to us! We will be happy to inform you.