The different types of online courses for companies are a great help for companies seeking to train their employees in different fields. With the globalization that we are experiencing and the great digital transformation of the moment, it is essential to update the knowledge of employees if we do not want to be left behind in our labor market.

There are many types of online courses, but from human resources you always have to focus on finding the most effective type of online course for your company. You may be wondering how you can detect which type of online courses is best for my company… Well, mainly you have to hire a company that does NOT give training courses that reflect the main mistakes of online courses.

Top 5 problems with the types of online courses for companies

Despite the fact that there are different types of online courses for companies, the same mistakes are always repeated. This is due to the fact that these training courses are very general and are not 100% adapted to the needs of the company and of each employee. Also, many of them lack the figure of the teacher, so the syllabus is not explained in the best possible way and then employees do not know how they can directly apply this knowledge to their job.

These are just a few examples of the problems that can be found in every online training, but without a doubt, the most common are the following.

No business customization

First and foremost, it is important to focus on training that is 100% tailored to your company’s objectives and needs. At Classgap for Enterprise we offer fully customized corporate training so that your employees can apply this knowledge directly to their workplace. In this way we ensure that the courses given are as effective as possible and that both the employees and the company see immediate results in the easiest, quickest and most effective way possible.

If you are not very clear about the training needs of your employees, don’t worry, as we have a totally free audit service where our professionals will be able to perfectly determine all the training needs and the business objectives to be met with them. It couldn’t be easier!

It can cause loneliness in the worker

The situation we are living nowadays is very complicated for everybody, and choosing a type of training that does not have any kind of contact with other people can worsen the feeling of loneliness. The best thing, both for the education and for your employee’s morale, is to opt for one-to-one or group training, as this way they will always be accompanied by a figure willing to help and focus on making up for their training deficiencies. It is very important that the types of online courses for companies that you choose are taught via video calls, as in this way the worker will be able to have constant communication with the teacher.

A lot of self-discipline is needed

An employee who works 8 hours a day often does not want to combine his or her routine with external training because he or she ends up very tired after work. This is a normal and completely understandable situation, but if this person wants to advance in his or her job and meet the company’s objectives, sometimes there is no other choice.

That is why it is best to hire a training course that is given by a teacher, as this person will support you throughout the whole process and will make it more dynamic, interesting and, above all, you will learn all the concepts and techniques better.

Many types of online courses for companies do not have a practical part

It is very common that the first thing we find in most training courses are MOOCS-style courses or training based on a series of pre-recorded videos. These types of in-company online courses are fine to give a general idea of the field we are entering, but they are useless when it comes to applying it to the workplace.

What an employee who wants to be fully trained really needs, apart from receiving the most complete training possible, is to practice, practice and more practice… What is the point of having a very clear theory if we don’t know how to apply it? Classgap for Enterprise has developed a completely new working methodology where, apart from focusing each course on the training needs of the employees, we give great importance to practice and to each employee finishing their training as an expert in that field.

Requires specific technology

A good online training course that focuses on the needs and objectives of the company and its employees requires clear training documents and, above all, specific platforms for teaching. That is why at Classgap for Enterprise, thanks to our more than 10 years in the sector, we have developed the Virtual Classroom, a space where students and teachers can communicate in a bidirectional way and have all the necessary tools to carry out the best course. This platform offers you all the advantages of a face-to-face class but online!


Now that you have learned which are the most common mistakes in online training… Are you willing to take a chance and not choose one of the best types of online courses for companies? Then do not hesitate any longer and contact us today, your employees need the best business training!