English is the most demanded subject for employee training, many companies choose it simply because “it is the global language” or “it is not bad”, however, there are many benefits beyond these obvious ones, here we tell you!

1. Personalisation

The key to obtaining real benefit from training your employees is that the training covers both the real needs of your employees and the objectives determined by the company. By means of a personalised training plan, you will be able to satisfy the training needs of each person, adapting it to their personal situation.

It is necessary to adapt to the level of each employee, although it is often thought that groups by department are ideal, the level of English of each employee in each section must be taken into account, speaking, grammar, written comprehension… It is the same with the schedule, it is not the same the schedule of a commercial than an administrative, it is possible that their availability does not fit to do a joint training.

Find out what types of online training there are and what our learning method is.

2. Investment in the future of the company

To train your employees in English is to invest directly in the future of your company. By feeling that the company cares and takes care of its employees, they improve their performance and productivity in the company. Nowadays, companies demand profiles with such specific skills that it is difficult to find a person who completely adapts to the profile, which is why it is better to bet on the company’s current employees, training them in the necessary skills.

“Skills are inherent to the person, knowledge can be acquired”

3. Company image

It goes without saying that a company that takes care of its employees is well perceived by others. Today’s new talents are not only looking for financial gain, but also personal satisfaction and belonging to the team, in other words, feeling valued by their company. Moreover, a company with a presence in several countries and fluent in several languages gives a more international and global image.

Employee training is a form of payment in kind that is increasingly used to satisfy employees while helping them to grow, which has a lot of resonance with the public.

4. Improving the working environment

Training your employees through groups improves the working environment, makes employees interact more with their team which generates a more personal relationship, creates synergies that are reflected in the positive attitude of employees at work. If, in addition, the groups are made up of employees from different departments, you make the relationships between employees improve on a business level, it is very beneficial since many times employees do not relate beyond their team.

5. Bonus for training

Another benefit of training for companies is its bonus, many times it seems to be a large outlay but thanks to the training bonus by FUNDAE companies can benefit from up to 100% bonus in the training of their employees.

6. Improving workers’ skills.

In addition to motivating employees and making them feel loved, employee training strengthens the skills of your team. This makes your company’s employees more competent in the work environment and makes it a strength of your company against the competition.