errores terroríficos de la formación para empresas

This Wednesday we bring you a Halloween special, the most chilling nightmares our customers have experienced when training their employees before meeting Classgap for Enterprise… 

  • Lack of alignment with the company’s objectives

All training has a purpose within the company, so the first big mistake is not to align the courses with a measurable objective within the organization. To do this, you have to know the training deficiencies that exist and define a programme that can satisfy them in order to have the most positive impact on the organisation. 

It is essential that the objective is measurable and achievable. Without realistic objectives, training will not be effective. 

  • Poor quality content

When we talk about online training, the first thing that comes to mind is standardised courses, video tutorials… Those platforms that offer a host of courses in different subjects. This option can be very useful, years ago it was the only possibility of online learning, however currently the demands of customers are greater, and require some adaptation of training. That is why in Classgap for Enterprise we are pioneers in personalized online training, to adapt the courses 100% to the needs of your employees and that our experts generate high quality content, in these classes there is a person behind, through a video call simulates a classroom because the best way to learn is when an expert explains it to you. 

  • Boring and repetitive formats

We are all tired at the end of the working day, if you also have to take a course it is understandable that you are not very motivated… That is why the format in which the class is given is fundamental. If you just pass slides and answer a test, the workers will not get involved in the training. The use of resources such as small games, gambling or active participation will make the training a success. 

  • Training by necessity and not prevention

Training courses are carried out to prepare a company’s employees for a change (or as a benefit obviously). For example, if your company is in the process of internationalisation, it will train its employees in the languages needed to be able to communicate properly when the time comes. However, there are companies that do the process in reverse, once they have a problem with a lack of language skills in the company, they decide to train their employees. Planning the training of your employees in advance will make your company’s performance improve and respond more effectively to problems that may arise. 

  • Do not reward training

There are companies that, due to ignorance or misunderstanding, do not give their employees training incentives and in the long term decide to dispense with it, which is logical since it can involve considerable costs. The FUNDAE (State Foundation for Training in Employment) subsidizes up to 100% the training of the companies, transforming this investment into only a benefit. 
You didn’t know either? and the best thing… there are companies like Classgap for Enterprise that help you manage the bonus.

  • It is worthwhile to hire other more trained workers

There are companies that consider that if a worker does not know something it is better to hire someone else, that is, they do not bet on their internal talents. We all tend to have this linear thinking of replacing something that doesn’t work well with a new one, without trying to fix it, just because a person doesn’t have knowledge in a specific sector doesn’t mean that you have to do without them, after all knowledge is learned but skills are innate. If you have competent and efficient workers, bet on them by training them and earn their loyalty.

Now you know how frightening it can be to carry out a bad training plan! From Classgap for Enterprise we help you to avoid these mistakes, contact our professionals to learn more.