French for business

French for business has quickly become one of the most in-demand skills in the workplace. The truth is that it is no coincidence, as mastering French is one of the best ways to get international clients and to grow as a business in an international market.

Language training is absolutely essential in a company to prevent it from stagnating in its field of work. Are you not sure whether to opt for this language or another? Well, read on and we will tell you all the reasons why it is essential to train in French for business.

Third most used language in business worldwide

French is one of the most important business languages, as there are more than 300 million French speakers in the world. And if we focus on business in particular, there are currently 450 million people working in the French market and interacting in this language to do business. Imagine the number of clients waiting for you!

Spain’s largest trading partner

Due to the geographical location and the fraternity between Spain and France, relations between these two countries have always been very close and beneficial for both parts. There are currently more than 2000 French companies located in Spain. This is because we are a country with tax advantages for those who want to invest in our economy, French-speaking countries trust Spain to expand their market and, thanks to the climate and the character of the people, foreigners feel comfortable and safe.

Last but not least, the French market is the second most important market in Europe. For this reason, if you are looking to internationalize your company, it is absolutely essential that you make your mark in this area or you will lose a lot of business opportunities.

French for Business: Save time and money

If your employees are fluent in business French, this means that they will have complete independence to enter new markets. Also, as employees will not need an external agent to translate official communications with customers or to talk to consumers, the company will not have to pay for these essential services, which means greater corporate efficiency and great monetary savings.

It helps to learn other languages

If we want to open up our client portfolio and find business opportunities outside our country, it is essential to master French for business. However, this is only the first step towards international success. People feel more comfortable and trust others more when they are spoken to in their own language (which is vital when it comes to doing commerce).

That’s why, as French is a Romance language, it will make it easier for you to learn other important languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Catalan… Or even English (as more than 50% of the words in this language come from French)!

Official language of the institutions

French is the official language in 29 countries, so you could have business opportunities in practically every continent. In addition, many important international organizations such as the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the UN, the Red Cross and even the Olympics communicate in French.

Therefore, if your company is involved in politics, sport, public relations or international trade, it is essential to be able to master French for business.

Which French language course is best suited to my company?

Once we have decided to train our employees in French for business we have to see which courses are the most suitable. This will be determined by the needs of the company and the objectives you have set for ourselves… But you still don’t have any of these priorities clear?

Don’t worry, at Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service so that you can find out quickly, easily and efficiently where you need to focus the training of your employees and what you want to achieve at a business level with it. With this service, our experts in the field will advise you and accompany you throughout the whole process so that you can carry out the procedures correctly and have the opportunity to get your French training for companies subsidized. Likewise, our learning methodology is 100% adapted to the needs of your company and employees so that, from the beginning, we can focus on what really interests you and move as quickly as possible towards business success.

Also, depending on your needs, you can opt for an online or face-to-face training or take the one-to-one training methodology or group classes. If you are looking to train a salesperson to work with the French market or to improve the level of your managers, you should definitely opt for one-to-one training, as you will be able to work directly on the weak points of each person and achieve your objectives more quickly and efficiently. If, on the other hand, you need to improve your company’s customer service and your employees’ ability to communicate with them, group training is the best option. 


We’ve already seen how crucial French is for business, so what are you waiting for to take the plunge and open up to the international market? Contact us!