Today, the world revolves around English. In the networks, on the internet, information is mostly in the English language. But in the business world, isn’t it really worth learning other languages for companies? There are languages and countries that also have a lot of potential. Italy is one of them. In this article we are going to look at why Italian for business should be given more consideration in a business. Let’s get started!

Why train my employees in Italian for business?

You may not have considered introducing any other foreign language in your company’s communication, seeing that English is the most widely used language. But if employees are able to communicate in another foreign language, it adds to their professionalism and empathy. This is especially felt in countries where your company trades. If you do business with Italy, introducing Italian for business is a benefit for your business.

Italian for business is a competitive advantage

The fact that the world revolves around English means that there are markets that are neglected. They are smaller, but with no less potential. This is the case of the Italian domestic market, which means that learning Italian for business is a competitive advantage.

In the Italian business world, as it requires professionals who speak the Italian language, there is not much foreign competition. Moreover, it should be remembered that Italy is an incredible business partner, not only because of the dealings it has with the Spanish market, but also because of its proximity. This means less travel costs and a greater benefit for your company.

Proficiency in Italian for business will make you a professional

Of course, if you or your employees are able to communicate in Italian, it is a competitive advantage to be able to target an untapped niche. If you do business in Italy, introducing in-company Italian courses will dress your company in a professional manner.

But not only that: of course, professionalism is highly valued, and even more so in Italy, a country where people are very close to each other, even in business dealings. By being fluent in Italian and being able to communicate in this language in business situations, you show empathy and appreciation for your Italian partners. This will make them feel more comfortable with you and they will prefer you to your competitors, given the interest and effort you show in adapting to their language and culture. This is why Italian is the best way to get clients.

Not as many Italian speakers as English speakers

Speaking a foreign language other than English when targeting more specific markets will always be beneficial. But it is also an advantage that will make your company stand out from the rest: there are more than 1.4 billion English speakers in the world in total. However, the total number of people who communicate in Italian does not exceed 70 million. This means that when a potential Italian customer is able to communicate with you in their language, you will be etched in their mind with a special and different memory, as you will be able to solve their needs more effectively.

Italy: that great trading partner

Apart from all the above reasons for learning Italian for business, there is another important one that Spanish companies should consider: Italy is an excellent business partner. Therefore, your company’s employees being able to communicate effectively in Italian will be, once again, a colossal advantage over the rest of the companies, because:

  • Italian companies are the third most important client for Spanish companies. In 2018, Italian companies invested €2.3 billion in Spanish companies, a huge expenditure of the Italian market on the Spanish market. It is worth your while to be able to speak Italian with these very important business partners.
  • Italian companies are the fourth largest supplier to Spanish companies. Along the same lines, Italian companies sell large quantities to Spain. Without going any further, in 2018 Spain invested 176 million euros trading in Italy. A considerable expense, just as considerable as learning Italian for business and communicating better with Italian business partners.

Italian for business: an easy language to learn for Spanish-speakers

Leaving aside all the commercial advantages of employees learning Italian for business, Italian and Spanish are very similar languages. Because of their Latin roots and shared history, learning Italian has, for Spanish speakers, a much lower learning curve. This is why it is very interesting to introduce personalised and flexible Italian courses for companies, like the ones we offer at Classgap for Enterprise. Contact us and we will tell you how we can help you get your way with Italian!