Applying for training subsidies: necessary documentation, deadlines…

applying training funding

There are a number of essential requirements that must be met in order to apply for Fundae training bonuses. After all, this is a project that aims to improve the competitiveness of Spanish companies, so the bonuses are only provided to those companies that can prove it.

There is a specific process that must be followed in order to apply for Fundae bonuses, as well as a series of documents that must be submitted within a specific period of time. We tell you everything you need to know to be able to apply for Fundae bonuses.

Applying for training subsidies: what you need to know

The first aspect to take into account in order to be able to apply for the training subsidies is that they are only given to Spanish companies. This does not necessarily mean that it has been created in Spain, but it is essential that the company pays its taxes in the country.

If you meet this main requirement, these are the other elements that you will have to take into account:

1. Necessary documentation

  • Course registration date

The first step to follow to apply for Fundae credits is to prove the contracting of the training course. Therefore, you will need an invoice or some official document that certifies the contracting of the training by your company.

The document must include the start date of the classes, as well as the company offering the training and the company contracting it.

  • Certificate of completion of training/attendance

Of course, the fact of contracting training courses is not enough to qualify for a training subsidy. The next step is to demonstrate that the employees who have taken the training have successfully completed it.

Certain training courses offer diplomas or certificates on completion of the course. In these cases, it is sufficient to present the diplomas of the employees who have taken the course.

In spite of this, many training courses for companies do not offer any official certificate. When this is the case, it is necessary to prove the participation of the employees in the classes, usually with a certificate of attendance.

  • Recorded training costs

Training bonuses are applied on the cost of the implemented courses. Therefore, an essential step is to submit the documents certifying the cost of the training.

It is important that these costs are recorded in the company’s accounts in order to be valid. An invoice is not enough. Although in most cases it is not necessary to submit this documentation, Fundae may request it on certain occasions.

  • Individual training permit

Finally, there is a document that employees must fill out before starting classes, known as the “Individual Training Permission”. In this document, the company asks for permission to implement individual training and the employee authorizes the training during working hours. A copy of the document can be found at this link.

2. Deadline to apply for the bonus

The bonus for training can be applied for at the time of completion of the courses, regardless of the time of the year. Once the application has been made, the corresponding amount will be received during the following month.

If, for example, the training course ends in September, all the documentation can be submitted during the same month, and the amount will be received in October. If, although the course ends in September, the bonus is not requested until October, the amount will be received in December.

3. Amount of the subsidy

In order to claim the Fundae subsidies, it is necessary to claim the correct amount. Therefore, it must be calculated before claiming the exact credit.

There are three pieces of information necessary to calculate the amount of the bonus that your company will receive: the exact cost of the training, the sum of the “Base of other contributions” and the average size of the workforce in the previous year. This last figure is the one that defines the % of the training amount that will be received. It is also necessary to take into account the type of training that is carried out, being able to be online, face-to-face, or mixed. The bonuses on face-to-face courses are higher, but so are the costs of carrying them out. If blended courses are implemented, the hours of each format must be calculated. The training costs according to the format are calculated as follows:

  • Basic face-to-face training: €9/hour
  • Basic face-to-face training: €13/hour
  • Online training (all): €7.5/hour

If you want to know the exact amount that your company will receive for the Fundae subsidies, our website explains how to calculate the subsidized training.

Do you need help to manage the training subsidy?

Any company can contract training courses on its own and apply for the corresponding Fundae subsidies. But, of course, this means an investment of time and money.

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