Training for assertive teams as the key to success

Assertiveness is a fundamental quality for the proper functioning of a company. An assertive person is capable of communicating correctly and defending his position in complex situations, always from respect.

It is the ability to ``get angry well``, communication in a tense situation or disagreement often ends up in dispute. By training your employees in assertiveness they will learn to express their position clearly and to listen to and understand that of others.

Individual Training

Individual assertiveness training

Clases particulares de asertividad para adaptarse a la personalidad de cada empleado y poder sacar el máximo de la formación.

Training in Groups

Training in group assertiveness

Your team will receive the keys to assertive communication to communicate with others.


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At Classgap for Enterprise we are pioneers in personalised online training. Classes are held in our Virtual Classroom where communication between student and teacher is fluid by means of a video call, and they can also share documents, screen, blackboard... and download the teacher's explanations.

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Assertive Communication

Find out how your employees communicate and how to improve it.

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