clases español para retención de talento

Technology brings us countless advantages and conveniences applicable to almost every aspect of our lives. Work is one of them. This year Spanish companies have been forced to work remotely and many have realised that this form of work is advantageous and sustainable for their business. 

Therefore, offshoring is one more variable that is added to the performance equation of companies. Working from home allows employees to be anywhere, in other cities, countries… Attracting international talent has never been easier.

Attracting international talent.

Nowadays, companies can hire great talent without having to move from their country of residence, so the number of candidates for a position is rising exponentially. By working physically in the offices, the integration of a new employee in the office was easier, relating to others was day-to-day, doing some activity outside of work… Today this is more complex. 

Therefore, communication between employees who are teleworking becomes essential. By training your international employees in Spanish online you will help them both to integrate with their colleagues in the company and to develop and grow within the company. 

Employee training as payment in kind.

Nowadays people do not rely solely on economic retribution when choosing a job, they now look beyond it. It is essential to feel valued and cared for within a company. Remuneration in kind is one of the best ways to retain talent in your company. Focusing on the case of international talent, offering online training in Spanish is a way of demonstrating the real interest your company has in them in the long term and the desire for them to feel welcomed and part of the team.  Given the current situation, it may seem inappropriate for companies to invest in training their employees, but they should bear in mind that this training is worthwhile

How can online Spanish training in companies be rewarded?

Thanks to FUNDAE (State Foundation for Business Training), companies that carry out training plans for their employees are entitled to a bonus of up to 100%.  Betting currently on the training of your employees has advantages for both them and your company, they feel valued and grow both personally and professionally, and your company besides offering a payment in kind to its employees at no cost, gets a more competent and loyal team. 

What are the benefits of training international employees in Spanish?

  • Attracting international talent.
  • Build loyalty among current foreign employees.
  • Improve communication between the team.
  • Reinforce the feeling of belonging and loyalty to the company.
  • Offer remuneration in kind at a minimum cost.

If you have any doubts about the training process, our professionals are waiting for you! Write to us.