Training audits

Do you know what is your employees' satisfaction with the training offered by the company? Are there departments that have some knowledge and could be more productive?

Classgap Enterprise's teaching team provides training audits in which, through different active listening methodologies, we help measure the impact of training on your business. In addition, we will speed up information extraction times and in a few weeks, you will be able to know what, with whom and with what method to train your employees.

You'll be able to measure:

Talent retention

The importance of training for the talent retention in your company.


Training needs by speciality and department to improve productivity.


The need for reinforcement or change in some training cycle.


You'll see how your team evolves in its training process.

Belén Rodriguez

They have advised us not only on the route that we needed to follow according to the training needs of our employees but also on everything involved with the resolution of the doubts in certificates of professionalism, training subventions...

María Fernández

We have had the support of the Classgap for Enterprise team with designing our team's continuous training plan. They have helped us determine what goal we want to achieve to improve the productivity of the company and to plan six months' training of the entire team.

Javier Rodríguez

We didn't know what were the real skills of our team in languages, specifically in English. The Classgap for Enterprise team has made several tests to evaluate the internal knowledge of workers and with that, we have created group and individual classes for the upcoming year in which all workers will be trained according to their needs and schedules.

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