bonificación de la formación en inglés de 2021

The subsidised training for companies is a great advantage that not all companies are taking advantage of. By giving your employees a discount on their training, you can train them in the discipline you want at a very low cost.

Many companies do not give bonuses for training because it seems to be a complicated or long process. At Classgap for Enterprise we bring you the best English courses and the steps you need to follow to make your employees’ English language training easier.

What do we need in order to subsidise English training?

Depending on whether the training is face-to-face or online, the bonus percentage is different. This year, Fundae has created the concept of “New Presential Training“, adapting it to the situation in order to continue giving bonuses to training.

The new attendance-based training is online training, with all the benefits of attendance-based training. In order to be able to receive a bonus, you must fulfil a series of requirements to ensure that the training is close and personal.

At Classgap for Enterprise we have been committed for years to personalised online training, which is why we meet the requirements to be granted a bonus for new attendance-based training.

What is the purpose of the subsidised training?

Training employees contributes to improving the productivity and competitiveness of companies, in addition to improving the training of workers by increasing their professional skills. Finally, to accredit the training received by workers.

How is the training credit calculated?

The training credit is calculated using a simple formula. The amount to be received will depend on the number of workers in your company’s workforce in the previous year. There is a fixed bonus credit of 420 euros for companies with between 1 and 5 employees. In addition, the training credit is affected by two conditions: the maximum subsidizable cost and private co-financing. 

  • Maximum subsidizable cost: This is the maximum percentage of subsidy that companies can receive, varying according to the workers and ranging from 50% to 100%.
  • Private co-financing: This is the contribution with own resources that companies must make for the training of their workers, with companies with between 1 and 5 workers being exempted. This can be covered by the costs involved in providing the training within the worker’s working day, without additional outlay.

We know that calculating the credit available to your company can be difficult or doubts may arise, so from Classgap for Enterprise we have created the Fundae Credit Calculator, so that you can know the amount to be deducted for the training of your employees free of charge.

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