As we explained earlier in How to boost the Assertiveness and Coaching of your team, coaching is a very useful tool for training employees and improving their attitudes and productivity. 

Within coaching we find different disciplines depending on who it is focused on, we are going to focus on the one focused on the company.

What types of coaching are there? 

Business Coaching

Its aim is to promote internal communication, optimise work performance and achieve the organisation’s objectives. Business coaching can be applied to all employees, regardless of their department or hierarchy.

The aim is to get employees involved and committed to the company’s mission and its employees with a positive attitude, improving internal conflict management. 

Organisational Coaching

The aim of this training is to solidify in the employees concepts and ideas of the essence of a company, so that it is reflected in the lifestyle and work of the employees.

An example of the need for this type of training can be seen in the evolution of business systems, for example the leadership style for running the company, completely burying the boss’s position.

The relationship between departments, corporate culture, human relations and social responsibility are now the foundations of business management. 

Executive Coaching 

This discipline focuses on workers with intermediate or high levels of responsibility within the company, those who have staff in their charge. 

The objective, as we commented in the previous post on executive coaching, in addition to being guided on a path of personal and professional growth, is to achieve business objectives that have not been achieved before; from increasing sales to improving productivity. 

Commercial and Sales Coaching

This type of training benefits some departments in two ways: those aimed at listening and transmitting the essence of the company to sell its product or service acquire active listening skills, improve their communication and strengthen ties with customers. 

How can coaching be applied to the company? 

At Classgap for Enterprise we help you to organise your training according to the needs of your company.

  1. Diagnosis of the situation of your team: In order to obtain the expected results, our team of professionals carries out an audit to find out where we start from and thus find the coach that best suits you.

  2. Training design: As we have mentioned, training in coaching for companies exists to meet the organisational objectives. To do this, we must know them in order to create a training plan specifically adapted to those needs. Here we will choose from our network of professionals, the coach that fits with what your company wants in each moment.

  3. Training development: Coaching begins! While the training of your employees is being developed, the HR department can follow up to measure the ROI of the training.

  4. Training follow-up: Our professionals monitor the evolution of the employees, to adjust and if necessary correct aspects of the training at the same time as the employees develop their coaching skills. 

As you have seen, coaching trainin is easy to implement and has great results in both the short and long term.

Would you like us to design your training plan? Contact us!