English for companies, emotional salary and its importance

english for companies emotional salary

Employees increasingly value emotional pay, all those benefits that companies offer them beyond salary. Tax benefits, work environment, flexibility… All aspects are very important to improve employee satisfaction, but there is one factor that has been gaining importance in recent years: corporate training.

Among all the courses that companies can offer, English training for employees is one of the most demanded. Why is this the case? What benefits do English courses for companies offer within the emotional salary? How to implement them correctly? We tell you all about it!

Training and emotional salary

Making an employee feel valued is the key to the smooth running of a company. This means helping them as much as possible, recognizing their merits and providing them with the necessary tools to progress, both on a personal and individual level.

This is where corporate training becomes important. Training an employee not only helps him to grow professionally and improve his performance at work. The truth is that learning languages is a knowledge that opens doors at all levels. Employees who learn English in your company will have the possibility to interact with people from other countries, to travel, to get new opportunities. And, all this, thanks to the fact that your company has chosen to implement training courses for employees, a training subsidized by Fundae.

In that sense, English courses for companies are not as expensive as you might think, while the benefits they bring to both employees and companies are very noticeable. And this is true for any training course that you want to implement, from soft skills training to programming courses.

The importance of languages within companies

Of course, when it comes to implementing employee training, the most important aspect is that the training brings benefits to companies. Each company has its specific needs that need to be addressed, aspects to be improved that will influence the competitiveness of the company.

This does not necessarily mean improving sales processes or customer service. It also means improving the work environment, the relationship between employees. But how can a company influence the well-being of its employees? Although there are many mechanisms for doing so, language training is one of them.

More and more companies have international teams, with profiles from different countries. And, in these companies, communication between employees can be difficult. In the same vein, TeamBuilding activities are essential to foster the relationship between employees, providing a space for casual interaction.

In these contexts, language training kills two birds with one stone. Not only does it facilitate communication between employees, but attending classes together is a way of fostering employee relations. And, of course, all this while the company improves its international competitiveness.

English language training and its effect on the work environment

After several years of offering training for companies, we have obtained enough feedback to be able to assure that the influence of English courses for employees on the work climate of companies is more than real.

This is not only due to the fact that it fosters the relationship between employees, but it is also related to the improvement of business competitiveness. One of the key aspects for an employee to feel satisfied in his or her job is the achievement of results and the perception that he or she is continuously improving.

After training your employees in business English, you will see how their job performance improves: they will be able to start performing tasks they could not do before, they will be able to expand their roles internationally, they will improve their customer service, and also their relationship with employees. And, all of this can be easily bonusable thanks to Fundae.

So what’s the downside? The answer is none. Do you need help to implement training for your employees? Classgap for Enterprise can help you, contact us and tell us your case!