Business English: The key to emotional pay

ingles salario emocional

Did you know that the possibility to train and grow professionally is in the top ranking of reasons why employees choose to work and stay with a company? Business English continues to be important, and is the key to emotional pay for employees.

Many companies decide to hire staff who already speak English. But in doing so, they miss out on the opportunity to work with extremely talented people who unfortunately are not yet fluent in English.

If instead of demanding certain levels of English to your candidates, you offer them the possibility of having business English classes at work, you will be providing an emotional salary that employees will value.

But… do you know what an emotional salary is and why it is important? In this article, we tell you this and why business English is the key to the emotional salary for employees.

English classes for companies or how to keep your team qualified

You’re looking at the perfect candidate, except for one small exception: they don’t speak English, or don’t fully master it. Will you miss out on their talent because of this?

English classes for companies are a solution to this crossroads in which human resources teams often find themselves. And not only that, but they also contribute to another great objective, which is emotional salary.

Emotional pay is the non-tangible part of your employees’ compensation. It is not directly related to the money they receive in exchange for their work. Emotional pay is made up of those aspects of work life such as a good work environment, services available without charge or employee training.

Training adds value to your workforce and contributes to the development of your employees. In a world where it is increasingly difficult to attract and retain talented people, training is one of the reasons why many will choose to work with you and stay with you.

What methodology is most effective in business English?

The methodology of online classes for companies stands out above others for its effectiveness.

Firstly, because of its flexibility and adaptability. The fact that it is online, in addition to widening the margin of freedom, allows you to save time, an extremely valuable resource.

Secondly, online classes are dynamic and both group and one-to-one lessons allow for greater freedom of interaction. In addition, the virtual classroom in which the lessons take place enable the usage of audiovisual resources.

When classes are tailor-made, according to the time and needs of each student, learning is faster and more effective. If you want your investment in business English classes to pay off, online classes are the ideal solution for your employees to master the language.

In addition to increasing the talent of your staff, it will increase the productivity of your employees, who, feeling that they have more opportunities, will work in a more dedicated and committed way with the company.

Corporate training: How can you prevent your employees from dropping out of corporate English classes?

In such a dynamic world, where stimuli determine people’s attention, keeping your employees from dropping out of business English classes is a challenge. And it’s a big reason why so many employee English training programs fail.

Corporate training accounts for a large percentage of company spending worldwide. However, numerous reports reveal that team leaders are dissatisfied with the training and that many, many employees do not feel fully capable of performing their daily tasks.

So… How do you ensure the success of business English classes? It is certainly not enough to buy an English course for employees and ask them to attend. It is necessary to have the right methodology.

An effective methodology that makes your employees feel that they are making progress and that motivates them to continue attending. That’s why online business English classes are the best way for your employees to really master the universal language of business and be motivated to attend your classes again and again.

The benefits of an English course for employees: Learn how to measure ROI

At Classgap for Enterprise we have developed a 100% effective methodology for your employees to learn English so that the return on your investment is really high.

This methodology of online classes for companies contains different elements: a personalized training plan for your employees, the virtual classroom in which the classes will take place, a monitoring and feedback panel.

Through the tracking dashboard, you can assign training, monitor attendance and analyze metrics to determine which lessons and which tutors are achieving the best results. This dashboard allows you to make adjustments to the training plan and monitor the ROI of your business English classes.