The key to retaining talent

In-company English courses train employees in a way that other options do not. The educational focus of these courses is based on the specification and training of employees and teams to achieve a level of English that is appropriate to the needs of the job. It also ensures that the student becomes a valuable professional in their field on a personal level. In this way, both employee and employee will gain the greatest benefits and create a lasting symbiosis. Why should a business give these benefits and not ask for them as an entry requirement? Because a business that provides experience and instruction to its employees is looking out for the good of all. Read on to find out all the reasons why languages for business are the perfect benefit to offer.

English courses for companies, what is the best methodology?

A methodology that works and proves its effectiveness is one that is personalised to the maximum. 100% of the time there must be a strategy for the training to be adapted, individualised and tailor-made. A consultancy must determine what the classes will be like, what are the key points to deepen and what are the needs of each student with the language. Giving general classes and expecting some to achieve the level of the class while others feel they are wasting their time is not the solution. In-company English courses must start from the premise of being learner-oriented.

The flagship methodology is one that measures before and after data to show what works and what needs to be improved. That is, one that assesses the learner’s level before implementation and after a certain number of lessons that have already been targeted.

10 competitive advantages of in-company English courses

  1. These are bonuses to make the most of. Both parties involved will see multiple benefits from this particular study model.

  2. English courses are highly personalised. Training in language schools or with generic courses offers a user-level, non-professional experience of English.

  3. Work-life balance is achieved by taking courses with flexible timetables.

  4. In-company languages can be obtained through group or One to One classes.

  5. You will gain sector-specific experience that is useful for your work. Your work will be easier and more comfortable.

  6. Improve your chances of promotion. It is not only necessary to have a certain character to move up the chain of command, but also desire and merit. And English is one of them.

  7. Not to be left behind and to stay ahead in a competitive market. Business English is undoubtedly a basic requirement nowadays.

  8. Perfecting all language skills. Learning a language and exploring it awakens interest in the mother tongue equally.

  9. It allows access to information and the creation of new information. This system is bidirectional.

  10. Increased communication and patience. The processes involved provide extra patience when facing the learning curve.

Why choose in-company English courses?

Languages for business are of vital importance. English is the most important, as it is the cornerstone of business and international communication. It is a basic requirement to compete in the workplace. The benefit of business English is mutual, so the return on investment will always be positive. Why would an employee want to leave the company that has given him or her such a great future? The answer is that they wouldn’t. People like to give and take and stay where they are valued. Keeping talent in a company is to bet on people knowing that you will always win.

Business English: What level is sufficient?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has a system of six levels to determine a speaker’s proficiency in oral and written form. They are certified by specific bodies and universities and are used globally.

However, the important thing is to take the Classgap for Enterprise Business English test to determine the student’s level before starting the training. This will focus on increasing the student’s level in a basic or advanced way, but always taking their work as a reference to guarantee the success of the business.

The personalisation of the courses allows us to recognise the level of the individual as Business English, where you will always be able to add the specificity of your field. It is taken into account, it is demonstrable and it will bring you valuable personal development.

Be the lever of change and get your employees to develop the language talent they possess through Classgap For Enterprise’s 100% customised business language courses. Contact us for advice.