Business growth: discover the benefits of offering language courses to your employees

language courses for companies

Do you want an asset that brings benefits not only to the employees, but also to the company? In-company language courses are the perfect tool to fulfill this purpose. Thanks to them, teams will be able to develop. Moreover, they will have an impact on the company’s results in the medium term. Whether you decide to implement business English or another language training for companies, employees will appreciate it. Discover the benefits of offering language courses for companies now!

How in-company language training can help development: learn about its benefits

One thing that happens quite a lot when you think about implementing in-company language courses is assessing their cost-effectiveness. So, to clear up any doubts, we explain how languages for companies help the development of your employees and, therefore, of the firm.

Teams can adapt to market changes

The main benefit of in-company language courses is that they offer a wide variety of possibilities. Thus, if one or more employees take in-company training in business English, they will be more capable. They will have more tools to adapt to the market and, by extension, to the needs of customers. In a rapidly changing world, the more tools teams have to adapt, the better. With all this, language courses for companies will provide them with:

  • More knowledge: imagine the company is opening up to the outside world. If employees are trained in business French or business English, they will be able to deal with new problems that arise. All thanks to the knowledge provided by the most sought-after business languages.
  • More autonomy: it is undeniable, when a worker has the right training, he develops more skills with which to cope with his tasks by himself.
  • More creativity: training is always key, and in the professional field it is no exception. When information is received and assimilated, employees have more resources with which to provide new solutions.

Improved service for customers

The company also benefits from the implementation of in-company language courses. To the outside world, the company has a better image. Employees will be able to communicate in business German or whatever language is included in the corporate language courses. This gives customers a feeling of confidence in the company. And, in these cases, they will want to have an organization that trains its employees always at their side.

More emotional pay and productivity

Working in the right way, the emotional salary of the teams is essential. If employees feel that the firm cares about them and offers them tools to make their work easier, they will feel closer to the company. As a result, their emotional salary will increase. And this is key, as it translates into talent retention, higher productivity and more sales. Being more motivated, employees will not hesitate to give their best. All in all, language courses for companies are a good way to boost emotional pay.

How to approach in-company language training and make it attractive to employees

Often, employees will feel that they do not have the time to devote to in-company language training. As a result, they may be reticent about the idea. It is then necessary to approach in-company language training in a way that fits into their schedules. Follow these tips for planning language courses:

  • Consider the employee’s schedule: in order for employees to welcome the idea of language courses for companies, plan the schedules in a coherent way.
  • Include the courses in the flexible remuneration: training can be fully or partially subsidized. Creating a flexible compensation plan that saves employees money will give them more reason to think it’s a good idea.
  • Separate groups by level: Business English or other languages are best learned if the class is of a similar level. This way, learners can share their progress and help each other.

Flexible remuneration: a boost for in-company training

If corporate language courses are the drivers of business growth, including them in flexible compensation is the key to retaining talent. Employees are now looking for more from a company than a good salary. They want the company to care about them, they want to be able to use their skills to achieve objectives, being part of a global vision. That’s why offering language courses for companies is the best way to implement flexible compensation and increase emotional pay. If you want to know more about language courses for companies and their relationship with flexible compensation, write to us!