Soft Skills

Soft Skills have been with us for several years now, both on a personal level and in our workplace, and have become the future of every company. The truth is that it is no wonder since, thanks to them, we can have a good working environment, work better with our team and attract more customers.

Precisely because of all these great advantages, it is very important to be able to identify which ones are present in our company and work to promote them to the maximum in our employees. Perhaps now you are asking yourself… But can Soft Skills be trained? Well, yes, these soft skills can be both learned and worked on without any problem.

If you want your employees to get the best out of their jobs and to achieve a good communication between the team and the customer, the best thing to do is to train your employees in Soft Skills. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, read on and we will explain all the steps to follow.

Customized Soft Skills training courses

The most effective way to train your employees in Soft Skills is to invest in a customized corporate training course. Most training courses are very general and do not focus on the needs of each company. That’s why Classgap for Enterprise courses are 100% customized and based on your company’s needs and objectives. With our online training methodology adapted to each company and our more than 10 years of experience in the field of training, your employees will internalize the Soft Skills to perfection and will have the best training you can offer them. Likewise, with our innovative “Virtual Classroom” platform, you will be able to take the course completely online but with all the advantages of face-to-face training. This space allows you to have a totally bidirectional communication between the teacher and the student, sharing all the necessary documents and notes.

Sometimes from human resources we can’t quite detect what our employees’ needs are. As in Classgap for Enterprise we already know this situation very well, we have a totally free audit service where our experts will detect all the training deficiencies of your employees so that you can focus 100% all the training on improving these in particular.

Due to the situation of constant change in which we find ourselves, it is vital to be able to train your employees in the most demanded Soft Skills of 2021. This way your company will be able to adapt as well as possible to the circumstances of the moment and be as effective as possible despite the adversities. If you want to discover all the HR training trends in 2021, download our free guide. Also, don’t forget that Soft Skills courses are not only for employees and that you can also train yourself. For example, you can learn which Soft Skills are essential for managing happy teams.

Soft Skills exercises: improving every day

It is very important to do exercises on a regular basis while we are doing the training as well as when we have finished our personalized Soft Skills course. With this we will be able to internalize all the concepts, apply them in our workplace and build a better relationship with our clients.

The exercises we can do are very varied, but the important thing is not to lose focus on the Soft Skills we have worked on individually. It is normal to do these exercises once or twice a week, but if we really want to get results, the ideal is to put them into practice every day… It won’t cost you more than 15 minutes!

Daily exercises to improve Soft Skills

  • Practice: If you have been taught a series of resources in your personalized Soft Skills course, put them into practice as soon as possible!
  • Observing different points of view: by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes, you will be able to understand certain behaviors and empathize better with your customers.
  • Reflection and self-criticism: Observing ourselves and reflecting on our behavior is essential to take the first step to improve our Soft Skills.
  • Writing down your mistakes: Learning from our mistakes is the only way we will be able to correct them.

Role Play, put them to the test

From Human Resources it is very important that we put this type of skills into practice, as it will help us to form a bond with our employees and detect their weaknesses in the area of Soft Skills.

With Role Plays you will be able to work on Soft Skills first hand in a business environment. It is an excellent way to identify any shortcomings of the employee that may be present in their job and that are preventing them from getting the most out of it. You can simulate conversations with customers, practice a sales speech, have the employee put themselves in another position to observe possible problems from the outside, focus the Role Play on a specific Soft Skill to put it into practice… There are infinite possibilities!

There is no doubt that this exercise is extremely versatile and applicable to practically any situation and it will take you no more than 30 minutes to carry it out. It is also a way to get to know your employees better and to observe first-hand certain attitudes that in general conversations cannot be detected.


As you have seen, detecting the Soft Skills that your company needs and starting to work on them is very important both for the future of your company and for the well-being of your employees. Knowing all this… You still don’t dare to bet on a Soft Skills course for your employees? Contact us today and don’t hesitate any longer, the future of your company lies in Soft Skills!