Personalised Catalan training for your team

Outsourcing the training of your employees is the way to achieve the desired results.

It may seem strange to decide to train your employees in Catalan, but it is a way of investing in their professional and personal development. By learning Catalan, your employees Training your employees in Catalan will allow them to integrate more quickly into the team and improve their social life, and it is also a way of differentiating yourself from the competition when doing business.

In Classgap for Enterprise we work to adapt the training to the needs of each company, in this way we meet their objectives 100%.


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Customised training is the method we use at Classgap for Enterprise to meet your company's objectives.

How do we do it? Our professionals carry out a previous audit to know the level of Catalan of the team, this way it will be possible to create the personalized training plan.

Where do we come from? Albert, our CEO, tells you!

“Welcome to the revolution in the world of education”

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Our Virtual Classroom is equipped with all the necessary tools to teach a class as if it were a classroom. Students and teachers communicate via video call so that communication is total. It also has a virtual blackboard to clarify doubts and to share files.

Through our platform, your company's HR department will be able to monitor both the employees and the training plan and be able to calculate the ROI of the training.

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Level up

For those who have a base but need to improve, all parts of Catalan are reinforced; vocabulary, grammar, writing, pronunciation...

New language

Sometimes starting a language from scratch is expensive... This is not the case! Your employees will learn with ease in Catalan.


Your employees may have some knowledge of Catalan, but lack some fluency in speaking, through the conversation classes they will improve their expression until they look like a native!

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