As we all know, nowadays everything works on a digital level, the representation that a company has on the Internet is its face in front of the customers, that’s why making a first impression is fundamental.

More and more we hear the words SEO and SEM but…
What do they mean? 

SEO is the organic positioning of your company’s website. For example, your company sells shoes for special occasions, a person searches in Google for “wedding shoes” and you appear in the first result, that means that your organic positioning is excellent. However, if you don’t appear on the first page… It’s time to introduce your team to the world of Digital Marketing, certifying your team in Google Ads In Company.

In addition to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), there is SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which is the positioning that your website has this time paying, generating ad campaigns to appear in the searches of your target audience; it is a way of reaching your potential customers more directly.

What will your employees learn by training in Google Ads in Company?

In Classgap for Enterprise we adapt to the needs of each company, which is why the training is goal-oriented. For example, your company may want to manage the digital positioning of the brand autonomously but do not have the knowledge, so they will take an introductory course and be introduced to the world of Google Ads in order to obtain the qualification later on.

On the other hand, your company may manage Google Ads campaigns internally but need support or advice on one of them, for which we have professionals specialised in managing and reinforcing campaigns to give your company the boost it needs…

As well as being an investment which will help both the personal and professional growth of your team, it is a long term investment in your company. One of the objectives of this training is for your company to be able to develop digital marketing strategies on its own, without hiring a third party.
Thinking about the short term, you will also see how the training will have an effect; thanks to our dashboard, your company’s Human Resources department will be able to monitor the evolution of the training, measuring its ROI.

We can’t forget that you can also give a bonus to online training, which will be a minimum or zero cost compared to the benefits your company will obtain.