The transformation that has taken place in the Human Resources department in 2020 has been one of the most rapid and drastic changes that have taken place.

This year it was leading new trends in the sector, aiming at the digitalisation of the sector and adapting timetables.

Some of the HR trends in 2020

  • From face-to-face work to offshoring and flexibility.
    One of the trends that was finally expected has been imposed by force, putting remote work into practice was one of this year’s HR trends.
  • Free communication
    It is a way of giving confidence to employees, usually organizations have a hierarchical structure, where decisions are made vertically, this explains how employees gain confidence by expressing their opinion and ideas more easily.
  • From attracting and retaining talent to expressing talent
    In the past, companies have asked themselves how to retain talent. This year, the trend is: how do I make the talent I have want to give the best of themselves? That is, by voluntarily offering 100% of themselves to the service of the business.
  • From the monetary to the emotional.
    Another clear trend this year was the options for payment in kind, as employees increasingly value the benefits offered by their company more than the monetary salary. Some examples of payment in kind are flexible hours, restaurant tickets, courses and trainingFind out all about compensation in kind.
  • From HR to marketing oriented.
    The strategies to retain talent are becoming more and more elaborate. This year, a marketing oriented HR department was proposed with segmentation techniques to be more efficient in recruiting personnel.

As we can see by September 2020, some of these trends have been fulfilled 100%. With the arrival of Coronavirus in Spain, the objective of all companies was clear: To survive. It was then that the HR sector had to adapt in a matter of days to the new situation. So the new real trends of 2020 arrived.

  • Team management. 

We went from working with our team physically to total relocation, this initial trend that we wanted to implement in 2020, we had to carry it out in a forced and fast way, the organization both so that the different members of the teams had all the necessary material to work from home, and to maintain the communication between workers was immediate.

  • Talent development.

Once confined, the growth plans that the companies had programmed for their workers also had to be adapted. Employee training plans have gone digital, in Classgap for Enterprise we adapt the training to workers to reconcile work and personal life. Furthermore, due to these changes, the bonuses received by companies for training their employees have changed in this 2020.

  • New profiles are appearing such as the Corporate Director of People.

His/her functions are based on team cohesion and employee welfare. Motivating employees and getting them to work as a team from a distance can be hard work, which is why companies have opted for training employees in soft skills, through the development of skills such as executive coaching, assertiveness and leadership, managing teams remotely is much easier. For example, thanks to coaching training, employees are motivated and feel great personal fulfilment, or through assertiveness classes they learn to communicate effectively with each other.

Overall, we see the HR trend in 2020 as an investment in employee well-being and togetherness in the company. When thinking about employee training, languages or specific tools come to mind, but there are different disciplines in which employees must be trained. This situation has made us see the importance of relationships between employees and how they can be strengthened and improved thanks to soft skills training.