HR managers are aware that globalisation and the advance of new technologies have enabled more frequent and interconnected communication. Large companies must maintain constant two-way communication with headquarters in other countries. What is the common language of business? English. More and more organisations are prioritising the English language skills of their employees. English language training for companies allows access to new opportunities and boosts professional growth.

Many companies have seen how fluency in English has opened doors to new business opportunities. Fluency in English allows for better information literacy and can help to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s work and results. For employees, language proficiency can mean the possibility of international mobility, internal promotion or improved job performance.

In order to offer the best English training for employees, it is essential to know their level of English. How? Through our Business English test. In order to create the best training plan for your company, you need to know what level your employees have. Therefore, one of the key points to obtain the best results in training is to establish it based on the level of knowledge of the language that each of the employees may have.

How to test your employees’ English?

When an employee has a good command of English, it puts the company at an advantage over competitors in the sector. If we look beyond the workplace, we can see that English has become a link between different economies and countries. Most disciplines base their technical language on English words. To ensure that your employees don’t miss anything, it is essential to offer them business English training.

What level are your employees? If you’re asking yourself this question and you don’t know the answer, we’ll tell you: the Business English test. First of all, the first thing your employees should know is that this English level test has no time limit. Unlike the hectic working environment in which they work, here they can take their time and answer the questions without rushing.

What does the English level test consist of? This English language test mainly assesses business-specific vocabulary and grammar. It consists of multi-choice questions that employees have to answer, as well as an oral test in English. The test takes no more than 10 minutes and can be taken on any device at any time. Remember that the test has no time limit, even if it is short, they can spend as much time as they need.

What concepts will employees improve in a Business English training? 

  • Writing business emails in English
  • Improve the ability to write reports in English.
  • Improve your level to be able to make professional phone calls.
  • To be able to discuss and negotiate prices and conditions
  • To learn new advertising, legal and commercial vocabulary.
  • New communication skills in English

Why choose in-company English language training?

Finding a good training school is the first step in getting started with English language training for your employees. Finding an English language course that is customised is key to offering the greatest convenience and flexibility to your employees. With the auditing service offered by Classgap for Enterprise, a training plan will be established where the needs of the company and the employees will be identified and covered.

Classgap for Enterprise offers a 100% personalised service in which employees learn and are in direct contact with the teacher through the “Virtual Classroom”. This is a platform from which classes are taught, documents are shared… in the most convenient, fast and efficient way. 

If you want to invest in English language training for your employees, don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today so that we can start training your employees in English for business.