Companies have always taken care of their employees (some more than others) and have always been concerned about their day-to-day well-being at work. Since 2020, the way of managing employees and the company in general has changed. The needs of employees have changed, in many cases requiring psychological care. The way of organising work, meetings, objectives… The traditional way of managing the company is no longer the same. The main change we have faced is the way of working. A world of possibilities has opened up that seemed impossible before: working from your house in the mountains? or while having a coffee in your favourite cafe? 

Back to the office: new ways of working that promote well-being at work

After facing mandatory remote working for a few months, yes, that time when HR was pulling its hair out, different ways of working adapted to each company and employee have been born

Face-to-face work

The old-fashioned way, employees work in the office for their entire working day, with the occasional day of teleworking under special circumstances. This is indispensable for many people, who need to separate home and work in order to be productive.

Remote working

Staff work remotely on a regular basis, with occasional office visits (if maintained). This way of working allows the employee more flexibility with their working life.

Hybrid work

This is the one with the most benefits, without a doubt. You may be familiar with the terms home-based or office-based, because hybrid work offers you the productivity of the office with the flexibility of remote work. Offering this type of work promotes the well-being of workers, as they can more easily combine their personal and professional lives, as well as feeling more productive and efficient.

The 4 keys to achieving Workplace Well-being in the company

Achieving a climate of well-being at work in the company is not a goal that, once achieved, will last forever. Well-being at work, both in the office and at home, has to be worked on on a daily basis, with the employee at the centre of everything.

As I have mentioned, achieving well-being at work in the company is a task that involves dedication, even more so now. If employees are in the office, it is easier to communicate with them, to see what relationships exist, what problems may arise… However, in teleworking, the HR department goes “blind”, as it cannot see the employee’s performance unless it is in an online meeting. This has been one of the great challenges faced by HR: to achieve organisational wellbeing and employee happiness at a distance.

How can you promote well-being at work?

  • Empathy: Each person is in a situation that we may not be familiar with, we have to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes when making decisions.
  • Listen to employees: employees are the solution to achieving good well-being at work, listening to them is the key to finding the solution.
  • Communication: Among the whole team, knowing their opinion on company changes or decisions will improve work well-being.
  • Development of human talent: Focusing on the company’s talents will make employees feel valued and happy.

Online training for employees, the best solution to promote wellbeing at work

If employees feel valued and cared for, they will be happy, motivated and their productivity will increase. It seems inconsistent that in times of economic crisis the solution is to invest in employee training, but this solution benefits both company and employees. 

Training your employees means having a much more competent and prepared team, they will stand out from the competition and will be aware of new developments and changes in the market. The most in-demand and multi-purpose training is in languages, as they can be applied to any business sector and are skills that can always be further developed. Another Skill in high demand this year are soft skills, commonly known as Soft Skills, which are those that help us to regulate emotions, communicate correctly, develop our emotional intelligence… Some of these are leadership, coaching and assertiveness.

In order to carry out training for employees that adapts to any type of work (hybrid, face-to-face, teleworking…), online training is ideal. At Classgap for Enterprise we work with personalised online training, which means that the classes are carried out live through our “Virtual Classroom”, with a specialised tutor who monitors the group or student, offering the advantages of both face-to-face and group classes. 

Start now with the training of your employees to improve your company’s well-being at work. Contact us and we will advise you on the training of your company.