English classes for companies or how to keep your team qualified

how to keep your team cualified

Offering business English classes brings numerous benefits, but do you know all of them? What you will usually hear is that you will have a more competent staff that will be able to contribute better to your business. Although this is true, today English is more than a competitive advantage, it is a fundamental necessity.

That’s why, when it comes to hiring an English course for employees, you should know that there are many other advantages beyond the immediate and obvious benefits of having employees who know the main business language.

Numerous studies over the last few years have shown that employees who have the opportunity to learn key skills for their personal and professional development work more productively and are more committed to their companies.

In this article, we will give you some tips to make your in-company English classes effective and achieve a talented and qualified workforce.

Benefits of English classes for companies

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and is considered the language of business par excellence.

Not only is it used to communicate with native speakers in English-speaking countries, but it is also the language used between speakers of different languages as a common language.

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations use English as a form of official communication, so nowadays it is key to master it.

But there are other, more hidden benefits, such as:

  • More productive employees: it is proven that those who feel satisfied with their results and working conditions work better. They are more willing to perform their daily tasks and show a greater interest in positive and effective results.
  • Greater ability to attract and retain employees: retaining and attracting good talent is a major challenge globally, especially after 2020. For this reason, it is necessary to implement the necessary means so that potential candidates and current employees of companies choose to work in them. Corporate training is among the main reasons why employees decide to work and stay with a company.
  • Cognitive development: it is proven that learning to speak another language and using it frequently favors cognitive development, as it brings both hemispheres of the brain into interaction, thus creating new neural connections. This increases creativity and the ability to think outside the box. With business English classes, you create a more dynamic, creative and proactive workforce.

Emotional Salary: implement an English course for employees

Did you know about the existence of emotional pay? The emotional wage is all non-monetary compensation for the work of your employees. They are those non-tangible ways of delivering value to your employees for the work done in your company.

There are many ways to generate an emotional wage. Some of them are: making benefits, goods, and services available to employees free of charge, giving them prizes or gifts as compensation for efforts made in extraordinary projects, providing business training, among others.

The ability to develop personally and professionally is among the main needs of human beings. If your employees get this at work, you will be creating a strong bond with them, difficult to break. By implementing a business English course, you will contribute to the success of your company, while increasing the professional development of your employees.

Use the right methodology

In order for your employees to learn to speak English and attend their classes, it is not enough to buy an English course for employees and inform them of the lesson schedules. You will need to motivate your company’s staff to attend classes and get the most out of them.

For this reason, there is one key tool you can’t afford to ignore: the methodology of the business English classes. Using the right methodology is what will make the difference between your business English investment being successful or not.

At Classgap for Enterprise, we have developed a 100% effective methodology. Its success lies in flexible, tailor-made online business English classes. These classes have tutors, study objectives, a virtual classroom and a tracking panel through which you can assign class hours, monitor attendance and progress, among other metrics.

One-to-one or group English classes for companies?

When it comes to implementing business English, many companies hesitate between group or one-to-one classes.

There is no universal answer or right way. The first step in the methodology of online classes is to determine a study plan for the different teams of the company and thus generate a pack of classes 100% customized to the needs of each company.

There will be some employees whose level, learning pace or tasks they are in charge of require them to take individual lessons, while other work teams may need group lessons.

Both alternatives are valid and rich in different aspects. You just have to work with Classgap for Enterprise‘s specialized team to find out which methodology is right for your employees.