clases de inglés para empleados

English classes for employees are increasingly in demand by companies. And it is not surprising, since for several years now we have been able to observe a great trend in the market that pushes companies to expand their borders and to make international business deals. It is precisely thanks to this that employees can gain more self-confidence and security in their position to enter different markets.

There is no doubt that your employees’ perfect command of business English is the key to your company’s success. Do you want to know all the advantages that this training will bring to your company, how to approach it and, above all, how to save some money? Read on and we’ll tell you all the tricks!

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Boost your employees’ Business English with English classes for employees 

Many employees may boast that they have a good level of English, but do they really master a conversation in English with a client with whom they want to close a deal? “Normal” English vocabulary is very different from that used in a business environment, as it is full of specific words, idioms and terminology pertaining to each field that you can only know if you actually work in it.

With English classes for employees, your employees can directly learn everything they need to improve their Business English. In addition, they also teach you how to internalise all the tricks to get the best international clients and, above all, increase the success of your company. Unlike any ordinary English course, a Business English course can be applied directly to the employee’s job and will help them to get better international business deals.

What do you need to take into account in English classes for employees? Discover the best tools

As you can imagine, not all the training you find is right for your employees. When choosing the best English classes for employees you need to take into account a number of things: that they are done entirely online, that the tutor is a native speaker and specialises in your area of work and, above all, that the English classes for employees have all the necessary tools.

clases de inglés para empleadosWhat are the best tools for English classes for employees?

  • Virtual Classroom
  • Dashboard
  • Professionals to monitor training
  • Online tests to measure the level
  • Complementary physical material (notes, books…)
  • Native teachers

Which employee English classes are best depending on the department?

Every department is different, isn’t it? That’s why you can’t approach English classes for employees in the same way in all areas of the company. In order to correctly determine what your employees need, you first need to consider what the objectives and needs of each area are. For example, the customer service department will probably need to reinforce the general level of Business English, so it is better to have classes in small groups. On the other hand, if we are thinking of the company’s managers or very specialised positions, it is better to opt for One-to-One training courses that work directly on the individual needs of each employee. 

It is very important to find an official training school that can offer you all of this. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector, so we know all these situations inside out. Thanks to our revolutionary methodology, all our courses are 100% customised, so your employees will be able to apply all the new knowledge directly to their job. To complement the best online training, we have developed the “Virtual Classroom” platform, a space where your employees can learn with the best tools everything they need to master Business English to perfection.

Subsidised courses and English classes for employees – how do I get it?

Despite what most people may think, in-company English classes do not have to be expensive or unaffordable for companies. If a company is experiencing financial problems or needs extra help, it can apply for training credit from FUNDAE. This is an official entity of the Spanish state that offers this training aid to any Spanish company that needs it. If you want to take advantage of a subsidised course you first have to take certain things into account:

  • Find an official school that has agreements with FUNDAE.
  • Neither self-employed nor state employees can apply.
  • You have to start the application process.
  • The course must be related to the activity of the company and the worker.
  • Inform of the start and end of the training.
  • Depending on the number of employees you will be able to get a % discount on the total cost.

English classes for employees are one of the fundamental pillars of any business training. You have already seen that, if you choose the right course from the beginning, this will bring you many advantages and your employees will be able to get on perfectly with English for companies. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today to get your employees started with English classes for employees.