inglés para empresas

Today, most companies are committed to training their employees, regardless of their size. This year more than ever companies have had to adapt to the situation, so your employees must be prepared for any situation. If not all of them, a large number of companies currently work or have plans to work abroad, for which good communication is essential. 

Why train your employees in English online? 

Any contact with another country, whatever the country, has a default language: English. It will never fail, even though it is not the most widespread, it has been the international language for years, which is a great advantage when training your team. 

We all agree that a low level of English among employees penalises companies. Harvard Business School establishes a direct relationship between improving the level of English and increasing the profits generated in international trade. 

It should be borne in mind that language training is a long-term investment. We cannot compare a language course to an Excel course, for example. Courses in a subject such as Excel are short and are applied on a daily basis at work. While language training is continuous, it is always possible to learn more than one language (especially if we start from an intermediate level) and if it is not used constantly it is lost… Do you still not see why English is essential in the company?

In languages, we find both face-to-face and online training. Given that we have all received face-to-face education since we were children, we believe that it is the most effective and that if it is online we can lose information along the way. However, we have been demonstrating for years that personalised online training is just as effective as face-to-face training, with the added advantages of online training. 

What is personalised online training? 

  • Live classes: Our classes are held in a Virtual Classroom, equipped with all the possible needs. The tutor and the students communicate via video conference as if it were a face-to-face class. 
  • Personalised training: Each tutor is adapted to the specific English needs of the company and the employee. The classes will progress at the same time as the student and will reinforce the necessary points to achieve the best level of English. 
  • One to One or group classes: depending on the needs of the company, group or individual classes will be given.

Organising your company’s English training is easy

The company must define the objectives

The organization of the training process is essential and all training has a reason and a meaning, the company must determine what the purpose of the training is. A company that trains its employees in English to move up a level without taking into account the needs, will not achieve the benefits of the training. 

Although the collective need is for training in English, there are different types. 

  • Business English: Focused on those profiles that negotiate with clients and are in constant meetings. They must know the vocabulary of business English, expressions, how to act in a negotiation depending on the culture… It is fundamental to express themselves correctly in business. 
  • Upgrading: Whether it is for the benefit of the employee or because they want to improve their level of English in all aspects, the students touch on grammar and writing as well as speaking and listening. 
  • Speaking: Those employees who need a great deal of fluency when speaking at work. It can be focused on the customer service department. 

Organising the different groups 

As you have seen, there are different types of English training depending on the objective to be achieved. Once we know the types of English training we want to carry out, we will organise the workers into In Company classes (group) or One to One classes (individual). 

Choose a teacher

Once the groups have been determined, the HR department chooses the teacher who best suits the needs of each case. To facilitate the process, Classgap for Enterprise provides teachers who we feel are a better fit, but the HR department can always choose the one they prefer. 

Monitoring and adaptation 

Once the training starts, our professionals follow it up and report to the HR department so that they know the status of the training (the classes taken, the schedules…). 

No need to worry! Both the form of the groups and the teachers can be modified during the training if the needs change, that’s why we are personalized training. 

Online or face-to-face English training for your employees?

Choosing whether face-to-face or online training is preferred is an important decision that the company should consider. As I mentioned before, we tend to associate classroom training with something good and online training with something incomplete, however this is not the case. 

What are the advantages of online English training? 

Online training offers you the greatest flexibility possible, this is one of its most important advantages if you focus it on the company, regardless of whether the employees take the training during working hours or outside working hours, the face-to-face classes are very difficult to match with the employees’ schedules. Why? 

  • Teaching space: If it is carried out in the company itself, a space must be provided for the classes to take place that is free on a regular basis, which is usually complicated. If it is the employees who have to travel to a study centre, the second factor comes into play: time. 
  • Travel time: When employees must travel to receive their English training, the rate of absenteeism is extremely high. They often have to spend almost as much time travelling as the duration of the class. 
  • Flexible working hours: Work-life balance is essential if employees are to receive language training. Depending on the employee’s position, for example in sales, they cannot fix a day a week for the classes as their schedule is very changeable. The flexibility offered by online training in terms of cancelling and rescheduling a class is unbeatable. 

These are some of the advantages that only online training can offer… At Classgap for Enterprise we are committed to personalised online training, which is why our methodology offers the benefits of both classroom and online training. 

Bonus for your company’s online English training

Your company’s English training bonus is a procedure that you must complete in order for your company to receive up to 100% support for the training of your employees. 

This process is sometimes annoying even if it is the first time, that is why in Classgap for Enterprise we offer you the management of the bonus with the hiring of a training plan. 

This year the personalized online training, has come to be considered new classroom training, due to the pandemic situation, therefore the percentage to be rewarded is higher. 

Are you ready to train your employees in English? Contact our professionals for more information.