The decision to internationalise a company is a big responsibility. When taking these steps there are many points to think about, but one of them is whether employees will be able to communicate with foreign clients. If you are not quite sure and your firm is in Madrid, you can always offer them business English classes to help them develop better customer service. Do you want to know why this is important? Read on!

6 reasons why you should choose in-company English courses in Madrid

If your company’s expansion is unstoppable, you are bound to have dealings with international firms at some point or another. Then, your company’s employees in Madrid will need to know how to speak the language in which your clients communicate. Choose English courses for companies in Madrid, because:

  • Employees will be up to date: having an international business means getting out of your comfort zone. Now, with the world being vast and globalised, if you want your company to prosper, your employees should be able to speak the language of your customers, such as English.
  • Choose one of the most widely spoken languages: you may think you don’t need it, since you do business with operators in regions where it is not an official language. But what if you start trading with other countries? For a variety of reasons,
  • English is one of the most widely spoken languages, so don’t hesitate to choose business English for your internationalisation.
  • The need for business language: when choosing English as a foreign language, focus on selecting business English classes that teach English for business. I will be the one who will speak the most on the team.
  • You will offer better customer service: fluent communication is essential to maintain business relationships. Therefore, opt for English courses for companies in Madrid that teach employees what they need to attend to international clients in a good way. They will take you more into consideration.
  • Professionalism and closeness: when employees cannot communicate properly, closeness is lost. Investing in your business with English courses for companies in Madrid will give a sense of closeness and professionalism.
  • Search for information: currently a lot of information available on the internet is in English. In order to have access to this large amount of information, it is relevant to offer your employees English classes for companies in Madrid.

How to improve your company’s results with in-company English courses in Madrid

If business English in Madrid is already relevant to international growth, the above reasons support this truth. Business English training and classes will help you to improve international relations and get good results.

English brings people together, so with business English in Madrid you will be able to reach many more regions. Staying within your national borders is fine, but expanding around the world will allow you to trade with hundreds of countries and companies. This way you will see a substantial return on your investment, leading to better results for your company.

Tips on how to hold a telephone conversation in business English

One of the most frightening things for employees, if they are not used to it, is a phone call. If that call is in a language they are not fluent in, such as English, the nerves are much worse.  Therefore, a first tip to improve these situations is to invest in business English classes that teach English for business in Madrid. In this way, the team will have the opportunity to put these calls and business English into practice. Likewise, in a telephone conversation with a client, we should not take too long. Time is money. Also, if there is not much trust, the treatment should be formal. And, so that employees are not afraid, don’t hesitate to offer them English for companies in Madrid. This way they can practise their diction.

7 grammar mistakes in business English that you need to correct

Another fundamental part of business English is writing: you will use it when writing emails, preparing reports… However, there are grammar mistakes that must be corrected in order to write understandable and correct texts, for example:

  • The use of double negation.
  • Using the wrong preposition.
  • Ignoring politeness formulas.
  • Not using pronouns correctly.
  • Not paying attention to apostrophes.
  • Writing without respecting the order of the elements of the sentence.

These are just some of the most common typos, in addition to spelling mistakes. Making these mistakes can give the impression of carelessness. So, if you want your company’s employees to learn good business English in Madrid, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to help you!