The English courses for companies in Barcelona are based on learning in an active, personalised and corporate-oriented way. At Classgap for Enterprise we are committed to training your employees with the best personalised English training for companies. Do you want to know more?

English vocabulary for business: 7 expressions you need to know

As the basis of business English is learning to communicate in English in a business environment, these expressions will be used in meetings, emails and presentations. You will be able to see these 7 and more in the business English classes in Barcelona.

  1. So what do you mean exactly by…?: This expression helps to ask for clarifying information about what has just been explained. It is important to ask people to rephrase their ideas.
  2. Bitter pill to swallow. If you want to imply that you are going to receive bad news or bad omens. It is clearer than simply saying that something will go wrong and, because it is colloquial, it takes the weight off your shoulders.
  3. On a shoestring. Refers to projects or seasons lived on a shoestring budget to make it possible.
  4. Best regards. This is the most useful way of saying goodbye via email on a formal level because it is not too terse and cold, but it is not too colloquial either.
  5. “X” is an asset. It is a way of naming something and saying that it has great value and potential.
  6. Concerns on behalf of…: A way of showing concern or doubt about certain items.
  7. I think that convers the item. To end a session in a meeting and make it clear that everything has been explained on a particular topic.

Business English should be tactful, correct and every word should be measured for proper understanding. This does not mean that it should be strict. There are colloquial expressions that are used in this area and make a person stand out in a project because of the way they convey ideas.

The best in-company English courses in Barcelona

The best in-company English courses in Barcelona are those that are personalised in both time and form. That is, those in which you can choose the duration of the class, the time to have it and whether it can be individual or group. With Classgap for Enterprise this is possible because it is our most successful methodology.

The courses will be taught in the virtual classroom so that both teachers and students are in a dedicated environment. A virtual whiteboard and the ability to speak directly to the teacher by microphone will guarantee a good learning experience, as virtual meetings are here to stay.

As well as practising business English, it will highlight the difference between speaking it in person and the distortions of a microphone, which other courses do not prepare you for. The vocabulary of business English will always be that which is useful in the day-to-day life of the employee. That which is necessary to carry out their activity, whether the level is basic or advanced.

English courses for companies: tips for coping with a meeting

In order to face a crucial meeting with international clients, it is ideal to practise your business English orally beforehand. Not everyone who speaks English will speak at the same level or with the same accent or intonation, so it is essential to be very attentive to every word.  A few days beforehand you can practise with another person to loosen up and also listen to programmes or series in English so that your brain enters a bilingual mode. We must have the necessary confidence in our abilities before going into the meeting.

English classes for companies in Barcelona can be given beforehand and focused in this way.

5 tips for communicating with your clients in business English

As well as meetings with lots of people and oral presentations, there will also be face-to-face meetings with clients to deal with. Business English courses in Barcelona help you to follow these tips.

  1. Speak slowly. It is important that you are understood, and fluency will come with time. Every word must be understood and pronounced correctly.
  2. Use familiar expressions to avoid getting stuck or over-explaining. With a four-word expression already learned, you can avoid going round in circles with less concrete words. This is what differentiates a person who knows the language from someone who is just getting by.
  3. Always think that you are practising. Sometimes, taking off the pressure that it’s a relevant moment allows us to take it with a different, more relaxed philosophy. Every time you speak English you are practising and you can apply what you have been taught in your business English classes.
  4. Even though it is corporate, it is a conversation. There will be silences, questions, crutches and other forms of communication between two people. Do it, don’t cut yourself off.
  5. Don’t multitask. You must focus on the communication you are having with the client. Anything else can throw you off focus and cause you to repeat yourself.

With Classgap for Enterprise you will find the best English courses for companies in Barcelona and your employees will become talent for your company. Their corporate English will be enviable.