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Finding the best in-company English classes is the goal of the vast majority of organisations. To strengthen internal talent and help them to improve their skills is the main challenge for companies in order to have a competitive work team. Without a doubt, in-company English training is one of the most demanded by companies, as it is undoubtedly the most used business language in the world. Is any training valid? Obviously not. All companies have different objectives and needs, whether it is to grow in a foreign market or to communicate with another of their headquarters. Whatever the reason, at Classgap for Enterprise we plan the best in-company English language training. We align the company’s objectives with the results of the business English course. Over 90% of our clients recommend us, will you join us?

How do we personalise English language training?

In order to adapt the English training for companies to the needs of each of our clients, we create a specific training plan. In order for the online English training to be totally personalised, we must take into account the sector to which each company belongs, so we choose the teacher with the most experience in the field to guarantee the quality of the learning.

Speaking classes

Speaking classes

Improve your employees’ speaking skills quickly. Choose the topics they need to focus on.

Business English

Business English

Improve your employees’ vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. Focus the Business English training on your company’s market in order to get the most out of the classes.

Improve your English

Level Up

Elige una formación de ingles 360º para tus empleados. Refuerza cada uno de los aspectos para subir el nivel de forma integral de tus empleados.

English by department

English by department

Organise the English training groups according to their department to achieve the results in a holistic way – training teams together promotes teamwork!

English classes by sector

English classes by sector

Tailor your employees’ English language training to suit your business sector. We choose a specialised teacher to ensure the best quality classes.

English for Executives

English for Executives

Hybrid English courses for executives. Adapt the timetable to the needs of executives, online and face-to-face training with maximum flexibility.

Do you know the level of English of your employees?

Before organising training, it is essential to know the level of English of your employees. In just 10 minutes, you can find out the level of Business English of your employees. Once you have found out the level of your employees, organising online training will be very easy.
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Online language classes are the most convenient and effective for your company. Contact us to find out more.


How to draw up a Business English Training Plan?

Business English training is a must in today’s companies. A commitment to English language training for employees shows that a company is committed to both its growth and the wellbeing of its employees. 

In order to draw up an efficient English training plan, several factors must be taken into account: Is there an overall objective or several specific objectives for the training? How will the employees be organised? Are there going to be group English classes or individual classes? What type of English training do your employees need? Our consultants will help you to identify the needs of your company and design a unique English language training plan. 


We have our own tool! Our English training courses take place in the Virtual Classroom. This platform is designed so that your employees have the best experience in their English classes, both group and individual.

Virtual whiteboard, pdf editing, screen sharing, lead mode... These are some of the tools that will facilitate your employees' English classes. Do you want to see it live?

Discover Virtual Classroom

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