bonificación de la formación en inglés de 2021

As I have mentioned on other occasions, languages are the training par excellence chosen by companies for their employees. This is due to the leading role played by digitalisation, the proximity between countries has never been so strong, maintaining a video call with England and the United States at the same time is something that is totally common nowadays. This makes it easier for companies to grow and expand, hence the importance of languages. 

The subsidised English classes for companies are a great opportunity to improve the positioning and competitiveness of your company. 

How do the subsidised English classes work? 

Exactly the same as the others, the bonus is just a formality that your company must do in order to receive up to 100% support for the training of your employees. At Classgap for Enterprise we know that sometimes this procedure is forgotten or can be complicated, so we take care of managing it for free by hiring a training plan

Within the English classes, we find two methodologies that we use according to the needs of our client: One to One classes and group classes.

The choice of one methodology or the other will depend on the objectives that the company wishes to achieve. When thinking about English training for employees, companies imagine a group class for all their employees, and that is a big mistake.

Group classes are very beneficial to create synergies between employees, learn from each other and improve together, but not everyone may have the same training needs… In Classgap for Enterprise we offer customized online training, thanks to our experience we design trainings that will meet 100% of your company’s objectives. 

If your salespeople need to reinforce their Business English to be able to function more fluently, they will receive private classes with native teachers, if you also want to train your customer service team to improve their Speaking, they will take group classes so that they can solve the doubts that arise and acquire the same knowledge. 

What is required for the training bonus in 2021?

Before, we found a different percentage of bonus depending on whether the class was face-to-face or online (since face-to-face classes are more expensive because of the costs involved). The latest update on FUNDAE’s training bonus, indicates that classroom-based training becomes online and is called “new classroom-based training”, receiving the bonus as classroom-based, as long as a series of requirements are met

There are different types of online training that cannot be considered new attendance-based training due to their impersonality (pre-recorded videos, MOOCS…), thanks to the personalised training of Classgap for Enterprise, which is based on live classes with professionals by means of a video call, with the possibility of document exchange, screen sharing and virtual blackboard, is considered new attendance-based training. 

Looking ahead to 2021 the prognosis seems the same, companies will continue to opt for online training for their employees and the new classroom-based training bonus will be maintained 

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