The exponential growth that companies are experiencing in the international arena is undeniable. Growing and gaining a foothold in new markets must go hand in hand with training for employees. It is essential that they master the language par excellence of business, English. Employees must be aware that one of the main tools is communication and, for this, they need to be fluent in English. A well-trained team with a good level of English can more easily manage and create a favourable environment for selling their services or products.

New technologies have also created the need to master English, as it has become indispensable for using digital platforms. Training your employees in business English will make it easier for them to handle specialised IT and technology terminology and vocabulary. Moreover, English is the language of business, so many documents, texts and contracts are written in this language.

Table of contents

  • Online English language training vs face-to-face training: Which is better for your company?
  • English for business: One to One or group training?
  • How to choose the best English teacher for your employees
  • Do you want to find out your employees’ level of English? Take our test!

Online English language training vs face-to-face training: Which is better for your company?

The pandemic prompted many companies and professionals around the world to transform their workplaces and the way they interact with colleagues and customers, and even adapted language training for companies to an online format. Until then, many companies relied on face-to-face training in offices or academies. Nowadays, live online classes have become increasingly popular. They arrived as a temporary alternative to face-to-face training, but the convenience and flexibility they offer have made them stay for a long time.

Despite what you might think, online language training offers the same quality as face-to-face training and very similar advantages. Face-to-face in-company English courses required employees to be committed to the learning and its objectives. Online training requires the same responsibility and attention to ensure that the training is complete.

What are the differences between the two formats? While face-to-face learning requires students and teacher to respect previously established schedules throughout the training process, virtual learning offers greater flexibility. It is adaptable and can vary according to the needs of the learners and the teacher.

English for Business: One to One or Group Training?

In-company English language training requires certain skills and knowledge related to your company’s sector. Teaching grammar should be the foundation of language learning, but it should not be the only thing you teach. When you are looking to train your employees, the main intention is not that they have a basic understanding of the language, they need to know and master the English that is spoken in their working environment. What do we mean? If your company is focused on the automotive sector, you need a teacher who is a native speaker and fluent in this sector to be able to help your employees.

Do you want to find out the level of English of your employees? Take our test!

To organise English language training for your employees it is essential to know their level. How do you know the level of English of your employees? With our English test we will assess their skills and knowledge to make it easier to know what their needs are.

This test assesses specific business vocabulary and grammar. All employees have to do is answer a few quick multiple choice questions and an oral test in English. Both the written and oral parts can be taken in 10 minutes easily from any device at any time of the day.

If you want to opt for the best in-company English language training, you should look for a training option that offers convenience and flexibility for your employees. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector. You can find English classes for employees with speaking, Business English classes to master English in the work environment of the company… Depending on the needs to learn English in the company, the English training for employees will be better to do it in groups or One to One.

If you want to train your employees in English, it is essential that you know their level through our test. Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us today so that your employees can start training in English for companies.