Excel courses for companies are given so that workers have a solid foundation with which to develop in the use of this powerful data management tool. It may seem that Excel is just one of the business office programs, but its versatility means that it is used in a multitude of positions, giving many results.

The importance of office automation training for businesses

Business office automation is the set of tools and skills that generate, store, modify, manipulate, search and ultimately manage information in a workplace. Knowing all the processes involved facilitates the transmission and manipulation of important data and, therefore, bureaucracy and other forms of “paperwork” are more easily solved.

It helps professionals in administration, marketing, management and science in their day-to-day work. And yet, despite this, most jobs require a minimum of knowledge, even if it is just storage and tidying up.

Big data and data science are two words used today that recognise the importance of information and the ways in which it can be used to run a business.

8 Excel tricks for business that you need to master

  • Bulk data import. In order to make Excel knowledge more efficient, tutorials are often used. This can help once, but it is ideal to learn it by heart thanks to Excel courses for companies.
  • Shortcuts and keystroke shortcuts. This is the most basic, but essential to know and use on a daily basis. Excel training puts special emphasis on this.
  • Creating graphs and tables. As well as being a spreadsheet and data management tool, it can also be transformed into representative graphs. All Excel is a table, but they can be specified in more ways, both visually and dynamically.
  • Randomise value. There is a formula for choosing a random value from a list of data.
  • The formula is = RANDOM.BETWEEN(top value, bottom value)
  • Give a value to a particular element. The IF formula is used to give a particular value to something. If a cell has an element, the positive formula will give it, in the given X value. It also plays with the fact that if it is not that element and it is false, the value can be 0. It is of special interest for inventories or calculating groups.
  • Creating a working checklist. In Excel it is possible to create functional lists in which, when clicking, a box is marked and the task can be considered valid. This is particularly suitable for spreadsheets that are used for lists of various tasks.
  • Highlight duplicate values. Business office automation benefits from knowing when, in a data table, there are duplicate values.
  • Add drop-down lists. An Excel table is large and each file can have multiple sheets, but sometimes you need to have a drop-down to get the information closer to the source.

Which office automation training courses are most in demand by companies?

  1. Office package. It is one of the best known and most basic. It is treated as a whole because they are tools developed by
  2. Microsoft and the knowledge of all of them. The triad that is most sought after is Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Word is the text sheet, Excel the spreadsheet and PowerPoint the tool for creating presentations.
  3. LibreOffice. This is a very complete and open source package. It has a word processor, spreadsheets, presentation manager, database manager, vector graphics editor and mathematical formula editor.
  4. G-suite. This is Google’s office suite. It includes Gmail for managing emails, Drive as a shared file folder, Google calendar for appointments and events and also has its own version of Word, Excel, presentation and form.
    Access. This is a tool for managing databases. Of special interest in positions that handle order tracking, inventories…

What impact does office automation have on your job?

Office automation means the computerisation of office bureaucracy and is now well implemented. Not having knowledge of Excel for business means not having the minimum necessary to develop both junior and senior positions within many sectors. Therefore, these courses help you to progress within the same company. If a business provides them, it is because it needs them and wants to retain the talent it already has.

The Excel for Enterprise courses focus on teaching the best shortcuts for a specific job thanks to Classgap for Enterprise’s customised methodology.

Because some initial needs are established, office automation for companies solves them to gain profitability and efficiency.

Contact us to find out more about the development of the Excel for Enterprise training that is so necessary and so up-to-date it needs to be.