Customised Excel training for your team

The fundamental spreadsheet tool that we should all know. Training your employees in Excel is the way to ensure that everyone masters the tool at the same level. It's fundamental since it's used daily and many people are unaware of many of its features.

By training your employees in Excel you will get the best analysis in spreadsheets.

One to one classes

One to one classes

If your employee needs Excel training in a specific area, One to One classes are the best option.

Group classes

Group classes

Train your entire team in Excel and make sure everyone is at the same level.


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“Welcome to the revolution in the world of education”

online excel lessons


All our training courses are given in the Virtual Classroom, where students and teachers communicate via video call. By training your employees in Excel they can share both documents and screens, they even have a digital blackboard for explanations.

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Basic Training

For those employees who have never dealt with Excel, an introductory course

Experts in Excel?

If your employees already know the tool, they will receive advanced training of its functions focused on your business.

Creativity in Excel

It is not a simple spreadsheet, it does much more. Train your employees in the applications has Excel for your company.

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