flexible remuneration

Offering flexible remuneration to employees is one of the best things a company can do nowadays. This is because workers are looking for more than just a salary in a company: they want to find in their job a career plan, facilities to combine their work with their private life, tax benefits… Well, flexible remuneration can provide them with all of this and more.

To do this, you first have to know what types of flexible remuneration exist, which are the best flexible remuneration for your employees, the 5 benefits they bring to the company and, above all, why all this helps to promote emotional pay (the future of companies).

Among all the options for applying flexible remuneration are training plans. And you may be wondering… Is this really useful for my employees, what types of training can they do, does the company have to cover these costs? Don’t worry, below we explain everything so that you can take advantage of the best flexible remuneration of all: training for employees.

Flexible remuneration: How to improve your employees’ skills and competences

Today’s employees are looking for much more in a job than just earning money. This is because most employees want this professional experience to help them develop their careers to the fullest and gain new opportunities. A good job should not only make the employee feel happy, but also make them improve their skills and competences in their field to the point where they become an expert.

flexible remunerationUnfortunately, depending on the job, the employee may feel that something is missing, which can lead to a high level of demotivation and thus increase turnover in the company. This is where flexible remuneration comes into play, because if we offer training support for employees we can retain talent in our company and increase the productivity of each employee.

Flexible remuneration is also very easy to implement and put in place, so there is hardly any administrative burden and it can be set up quickly and easily. In addition, employees are entitled to take hundreds of courses in different fields to complement their training and broaden their area of expertise.

How much money can be saved on employee training through flexible remuneration?

With flexible remuneration, employees can save at least 25% of the course fees. This is because employee training is a service that is completely exempt from income tax and the beneficiary does not have to pay this extra amount. Also, as with all other flexible remuneration, the price of this course must be deducted from your gross monthly salary.

Where can I take employee training?

When choosing the best training centre for your employees, you should make sure that it is an official institution and that you can take the classes online. Also, it is best to opt for training that is tailored to your employees’ jobs so that they can get the most out of it.

At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training field, so all our courses are 100% customised based on the objectives and needs of both the employees and the company. That is why, in order to offer the best possible training, we have developed the “Virtual Classroom” platform. In it, employees can have a totally two-way communication with their teacher, resolve doubts, share notes, videos, do internships… In short, all the advantages of classroom training but with the facilities of online classes.

Virtual Classroom

5 benefits that the best training companies provide you with

  • Detect employees’ training deficiencies and work on them in depth.
  • Knowledge acquired can be applied directly to the workplace.
  • Classes are totally practical.
  • Teachers are experts in the classes taught.
  • An expert is available at all times to advise you and help you throughout the whole process.

If you are not sure how to approach the training of your employees, don’t worry. At Classgap for Enterprise we have a free training audit service. Our experts will help and support you throughout the whole process so that your employees can make the most of this opportunity.


You have already seen that training for employees is the best flexible remuneration of all, because it is the only one that allows them to grow both personally and professionally. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start developing the talent of your employees.