spanish for companies

Spanish for companies courses are here to stay. In the human resources department we live with this reality every day, as we are very aware of the fact that we need to stand out from the competition by attracting international talent and recruiting the best experts in our area of work. Due to the globalization that companies are experiencing, if they do not modernize and open up to the world, they will miss out on unique business opportunities and could become completely stagnant.

In spite of everything… You don’t know if you are going to be able to get training credits or any help from the government to train your foreign employees? Don’t worry, read on and we will tell you everything you need to take into account for your Spanish for companies course.

Bonus training for Spanish for companies courses

It is possible that in other company training courses you may have already been able to get training credit for your company, but when it comes to foreign workers, you may think that the processes are different. The truth is that, if you want your employees to be trained in Spanish for companies, you have to follow the same steps and the criteria are practically the same.

Can I get training credit for a Spanish for companies course for foreign workers?

Yes, as long as you are a private national company, you can get credit for the training of your employees. In the same way, this training must be directly related to the company’s area of work.

At the moment, all company training courses that are carried out by the different companies are framed within the context of Covid-19. This means that what we used to know as “face-to-face training” is now “New Face-to-Face Training“. With this new modality, fully compatible with FUNDAE, you have all the guarantees of face-to-face training but online.

The best way to teach this new modality is to have an area where teacher and student can have a totally bidirectional communication and carry out the class. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the education sector, so we know first-hand the problems that can arise in corporate training. That is why we have developed a totally disruptive class methodology, in order to offer you the best online training courses in Spanish for companies. Likewise, thanks to our “Virtual Classroom” platform, your employees will have all the facilities and advantages of a face-to-face class but in an online format.

Information to take into account to get a bonus for training in Spanish for companies

  • Bonus calculator
  • Number of employees in your company
  • Requirements of the FUNDAE entity
  • Maximum cost eligible for subsidy (depending on the number of employees)
  • Degree of co-financing required from each company
  • Not applicable to self-employed and/or civil servants/employees of public entities

At Classgap for Enterprise we know that this can be a very complex process, which is why we manage the training subsidy for you. Our experts will advise you on the whole process and take care of all the paperwork. Let the best specialists in the field of corporate training advise you, you won’t regret it.


You have already seen that training your foreign employees in Spanish for companies has no added difficulty. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and start empowering your company’s internal talent!