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French for Business training is one of the most in-demand courses nowadays. French courses allow you to have a unified level of French in your team, adapted to the needs of each department.

Business French has become very important to establish links with our European neighbours. When a company decides to go international, it is logical to think of nearby countries with a similar culture, France.

French is not only relevant in Europe, but also worldwide. Most Arab countries speak French, these countries are rich in raw materials so most companies, regardless of sector, are going to have to deal with them at some point. Although English is the international language of business, French is more culturally accepted in these countries. We are talking about states with a very strict culture and tradition, approaching them speaking French, a language they are comfortable with, makes it easier to be chosen among competitors.


Basic Course

2 hours per week
3 to 6 months

Intensive Course

4 hours per week
3 to 6 months


Save time

Adaptable timetables

Save money

Professional and personal growth

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Our in-company French courses take place in our Virtual Classroom. A proprietary platform where classes are taught via video call. The French for business teacher gives the class with the necessary tools; screen sharing, documents, pdf, chat... In this way the students can take the classes in a personalised and close way, wherever they want.
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Do you know the level of French of your employees?

In order to plan French language training in your company, you need to know the level of French of your employees. Once you know the level of French of your employees, you can organise groups or individual French classes according to their objectives and needs.

Find out their level of French now!

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