french for business

The French business market is one of our best allies when working to internationalize our business. That’s why, if you’re looking for ways to stand out in these regions and win new clients, your employees need to know more than just how to speak French for business perfectly.

To make a good impression on the client and bring that extra touch of confidence and security to your negotiations, it is essential that your employees have internalized the French protocol for business. Don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you all about it below.

French for business etiquette: How should we behave towards the customer?

There is an expression that says: “When in Rome, do as the Romans” and, in this case, it couldn’t be more apt. French-speaking people have deep-rooted customs that have been totally transferred to the field of business. That is why, when we want to get French clients, we have to adapt to their working customs so that they feel they can trust us and see us as equals.

First, when doing business with French-speaking people, you should always use French when communicating. The French are very traditional, so communicating in their language will seem like a form of rapprochement and respect. Also, negotiations are usually very slow, so be patient and don’t rush them into making a decision. Another thing to keep in mind is the “dress code”. The French are more serious people, so they place much more importance on physical appearance. Likewise, you have to take into consideration the things that are totally forbidden for you to do, as it can mean losing the sale altogether:  

What NOT to do in a negotiation

  • Bargaining is frowned upon.
  • Don’t bring gifts to exchange.
  • Treat them formally, not informally.
  • Leave the price for last.
  • Don’t introduce yourself with two kisses, a handshake is better.
  • Don’t give approximate data, information should be clear and concise.

How can we work on French for business etiquette?

Understanding and internalizing French business etiquette is not difficult, but it does require time, dedication and, above all, someone who is a native speaker who can explain it to you perfectly so that you don’t make any mistakes when negotiating. Likewise, there would be no point in learning these formalities if your employees do not have a perfect mastery of French for business. Do you know what level of business French your employees need? Do your employees know the most useful expressions in a negotiation context? It is important that you are clear on these two key points in order to build a solid foundation for negotiations.

If you want to achieve all your business objectives related to the internationalization of your company, the best thing to do is to train your employees in French for business. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the business training sector, so we know perfectly how to train the best professionals. For this reason, all our courses are 100% personalized based on the objectives and needs of the employee. In order to offer the best possible training, we have developed our “Virtual Classroom” platform. Here, teacher and student can communicate in real time, share notes, do practical exercises… In short, everything you can imagine to learn French protocol for companies in the quickest, most efficient and easiest way possible.

What do I have to do to give this opportunity to my employees?

It is normal that you do not know where to start, that is why in Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service where our experts will help, advise and assist you throughout the process. Also, thanks to these professionals you will be able to apply for the training credit granted by FUNDAE. Don’t know how much you are entitled to? Thanks to our “bonus calculator” tool, you can calculate your company’s training credit completely free of charge and in less than 24 hours.


As you have seen, the French protocol for companies is absolutely essential to internationalize your business and get the best business deals. So… Why aren’t you giving this opportunity to your employees yet? Contact us today and start training your employees in French for business!