Online French Classes for Companies

What is the best way to train my employees in French online?

Training your employees in French with native French teachers is the most effective way for them to learn the language quickly. How to do it? The best bet is individual or small group French classes. In addition, online and live training taken weekly will enable your employees to improve their level of French in three months and gain fluency in both comprehension and conversation.

Do you have clients in Canada or France? At Classgap for Enterprise, we have French teachers from all over the world available to give personalised online classes. This way, you can train your employees in the accent of your choice. Internationalise your company by connecting with your current and potential clients in a close way by learning their native language.

We know that the needs of each company are unique, which is why we adapt our French language training according to your company’s objectives. Group French language training is ideal for employees of a similar level. We work in an online format with a live teacher and adapt to the employee’s schedule. With our Virtual Classroom, we avoid the problem of having to rely on third-party programmes. On the other hand, individual French classes are perfect to meet objectives such as: improving grammar, defending oneself in a business conversation in French…

Our methodology of live online French classes with a teacher and by videoconference is the best option for the company to achieve its objectives in an easy way. This is due to the flexibility of time and location, the variety of native French teachers and the adaptation of the French programme to the level of the employees.

Group French Classes

Group French Classes

Take advantage of the dynamism of group classes! Group training encourages communication and learning among employees. By working towards a common goal, employees take advantage of the synergies of the classes to resolve doubts and broaden their knowledge.

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One to One French Lessons

Work with a specific objective in mind. One-to-one French lessons are the right way to develop the specific needs of your employees, the teacher adapts to their level and the training evolves along with the employee.


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You won't miss a single pronunciation! Our classes are taught in the Virtual Classroom, where, via video call, the teacher gives the French class, shares files with the students and complements his explanations on a virtual whiteboard.

In addition, your company's Human Resources department will be able to monitor the progress of the classes, thus measuring the ROI of the investment.

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Fluency in French is very noticeable, through the conversation classes your employees will be able to speak fluently to maintain conversations in a natural and safe way.

Business French

Are you looking to strengthen your employees' business French? They will learn both business vocabulary and expressions, how to proceed... A guaranteed success.

New language

Shall we start from scratch? No problem.
We have teachers who specialize in starting a language from scratch in an easy and dynamic way, your employees will learn French quickly.

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