Funding Management

FUNDAE - Tripartita Foundation

All companies, whatever their size, hold training credit for their employees, through deduction in social security contributions.
This credit is granted by the bonus of the Tripartite Foundation (Fundae).

What are the characteristics of Funded Training?

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    Such bonuses can only be received by companies, they are not applicable to freelance or self-employed.

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    Online Training

    The bonus of the Tripartite foundation applies not only to face-to-face training but also to personalized online training.

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    Train your employees with our funded courses in languages like English, German or Spanish.
    Improve your project management capabilities through Excel, Project...

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    Bureaucratic aid

    We are responsible for coordination of the entire process and bureaucracy of the funded training so that you only have to think about the training of your employees.


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This was the first time we had implemented training for our employees and we chose Classgap for Enterprise. We had some doubts about the process of receiving the funding from Fundae and they accompanied us through the whole process in a very professional manner. I'm very happy about it!

Marián Pérez

HR Director

We've been working with Classgap Enterprise for a while and we're very happy. Taking advantage of the business funding was very profitable for the long term as employee training is always a plus.

Anna Vicente

Head of Talent

They have helped us to prepare all the documentation in a personalized way for each training action we have performed, certificates of assistance and questionnaires of satisfaction.

Marta Viel

Head of Talent

Classgap offered us all the facilities to get the Tripartite funding, in a simple and fast way. We're very satisfied.

Jose Sanmiguel

HR Business Partner

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