You probably think that learning English to communicate with your foreign clients is enough. But is that really true? If you also do business with countries where English is not so prevalent, your business partners will certainly appreciate it if you speak to them in their language. If you do business with the German market, don’t hesitate to introduce business German – it will be a big change! Why? We’ll tell you about it in this article!

5 reasons to train your employees in business German

Offering training for employees is a very important step: you have to make sure that the employees and the company will be able to benefit from the time and resources invested in learning. If you do business with German companies, there are 5 main reasons why you should offer in-company German classes:

  • Germany is a major trading partner: the German business community is one of the largest exporters of products. This means that they feel comfortable working with foreign companies. For Spain, Germany is one of the main partners.
  • Trade fairs: trade fairs are held in many places, but Germany is the country where most international trade fairs are held. As a result, Germany is one of the biggest meeting points for international firms.
  • They are pioneers in science and technology: one of Germany’s greatest potentials is the science and technology industry. German technology is renowned for being of very high quality, so you’re bound to be interested in doing business with German companies.
  • German is the second most widely spoken language in Europe: after Russian, German has approximately 95 million speakers in Europe. This makes German for business a safe bet.
  • Improve communication: if you work regularly with the German market, your clients will certainly appreciate it if you can communicate in their language. It will be seen as a sign of interest on your part.

In-company German classes: An opportunity for professional growth

Now that you know why German is so important if you do business in Germany, it’s time to consider offering your employees in-company German classes. Why? For both you and your employees, business German is a great opportunity for professional growth.

Imagine you are trying to close big deals with German companies. One of the best ways to develop in this market is to communicate fluently, in a way that the client feels confident and comfortable with. In this way you will be seen in a better light, showing an interest in German culture and communication. Moreover, if Germany is one of the world’s leading exporters of technology, it really pays to have them as a business partner.

Which German course is best for your company?

Have you already decided that you are going to introduce in-company German lessons in order to develop your team’s competence in communicating with German-speaking customers? Then it’s time to think about the best in-company German course. Of course, there are thousands of courses available, but only a few will be able to meet your unique needs.

When weighing up which in-company German course is the best, you can think about a number of things, such as whether the teacher is a native speaker or a native speaker:

  • Whether the teacher is a native speaker or a specialist. Choosing expert in-company German teachers means having someone capable of teaching the most diverse nuances.
  • That the course is not only about the language, but also includes notions of business culture so that employees know how to act.
  • Online or face-to-face classes. Online training is more successful because it saves time and travel costs.
  • German classes for companies should be customisable, adapted to your schedule and needs.

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before choosing the best in-company German course. Remember that training your employees is a very important step when it comes to communicating with the customer. That’s why you need to choose a course that suits you, like the in-company training we offer at Classgap for Enterprise.

What level of business German do your employees need?

Another common question is what level of German employees need in order to be able to work with foreign customers comfortably. It all comes down to communication, and the better employees are able to speak fluent German, the better they will be able to deal with customers. That’s why Classgap for Enterprise’s in-company German language training courses are tailored to the level you need. If you want to learn German for business, contact us and we will inform you about the available training courses and bonuses!