german for companies

Are you thinking of training your employees in German for companies, do you have any idea of the level of your employees, do you not know which courses are the best? Don’t worry, it’s normal to have these doubts, especially in a language we don’t know. Even so, keep in mind that every effort has its reward and that there are many advantages and opportunities to train your employees in German.

Language training, essential in your company

Any language training will open up hundreds of job opportunities for your company. That is because, with the crisis we are currently suffering, the demand and the market in Spain is in decline. Because of this it is essential not to stagnate and to open new business horizons to enter new areas of work

Do you already have international clients? Then you should know that, when they are treated in their own language, they feel more comfortable and confident when doing business. Therefore, they are more likely to choose your company over your competitors.

Another of the main reasons why it is vital to internationalize your company is to distinguish yourself from your competitors and to create a corporate image that stands out. This way you can easily differentiate yourself and become the “top of mind” in your field of work.

Language training can also save you a lot of time and money. This is because, if your employees are fluent in the foreign languages in which you communicate with your customers, you will not need to hire external companies to translate your communications with them.

Finally, apart from all the economic and business advantages that language training brings, it also provides many advantages for the employee.

  • Improved oral and written expression: By learning different languages we enrich our vocabulary and express ourselves better in our main language.
  • Studying languages keeps the mind young and agile: By acquiring new knowledge, not only do we keep up to date with what is going on around us, but it also slows down the aging of our mind.
  • Motivation and value of the employee: When we invest in the training of our employees, they feel valued in their job and more willing to do their work.

The language of the future: German

We have already seen how important it is to have constant language training, but why choose German of all languages?

First, Germany is the third largest economy in the world and one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Also, there are more than 185 million native and second language speakers in the world, so it is likely that if you want to grow as a company, you will end up doing business with this sector and you will need to master this language.

Have you realized how many business opportunities there are in Europe? Germany is Spain’s second most important customer and the countries with this common language are becoming more and more important in the business world. Don’t miss out on opportunities and take the chance to do business with Germany, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Austria, Belgium or even Switzerland!

Likewise, if you work in tourism or the hotel and catering industry, it is essential that you know this language. It has been proven that German tourists spend more money on their trips and prefer to be attended by people who speak their language.

Another important fact is that Germany is the epicenter of all the most important trade fairs and congresses in Europe. This means that if we want to grow as a company and be among the first to benefit from business opportunities, we have to be there in person and know how to communicate extremely well.

Last but not least, knowing how to apply German to your business is vital because Germany is Spain’s main supplier. Therefore, if we do not master this language, we will miss out on many opportunities to buy and sell. Furthermore, we run the risk of our company becoming stagnant and losing customers.

Where can I take online German courses for companies?

There are many educational institutions that offer German courses for companies, but you should always keep in mind that you should choose the one that best suits your objectives and the needs of your employees. It is also very important that you attend an official training center, as this will allow you to subsidize your company’s German language courses.

Due to the current situation, the best, easiest, quickest and most economical option is to choose an online training modality. At Classgap for Enterprise we offer German courses for companies that are totally personalised and adapted to the needs of your employees. No matter what level they have, with our innovative learning methodology where teacher and student are connected simultaneously through the virtual classroom, they will learn as if they were in a classroom.

What more reasons do you need to take the plunge and grow your business? Contact us and start opening up to the international market today!