We have already talked about the importance of training your employees but, when it comes to hiring a training plan for them, doubts arise about the methodology… is it better languages or excel? group or individual training?

Focusing on the subject, it is not better or worse to train your employees in one or the other, each company will choose the subject it wants according to its needs and objectives.

In this post we are going to talk about the most demanded employee training par excellence, English.

When we talk about languages, there is no training protocol to train your team, as I mentioned before the training has to be organized according to the needs and objectives of each company.

Companies hire English training for different reasons, it can be to improve the level of their employees, to focus on business English, to improve speaking skills

In view of these three needs, one can think that the solution is the same; English classes, however the methodology and the way of learning that will be applied in each one is completely different.

For example, a trading company wants to improve the English of its employees since its main customer is the United States, so they want all their team to be able to communicate properly with them.

Thanks to our audit, we detected that there are different needs within the company’s objective; on the one hand there is the commercial team, which in order to communicate better with the clients in the United States, they will have to form a Business English to improve the communication with the clients, through the acquisition of vocabulary and expressions of the business world the communication is facilitated and becomes more effective.

On the other hand, the older office person has the language a little forgotten, so they will receive classes to go up a level, remembering both grammar and vocabulary, speaking, listening… groups will be created depending on the levels so that employees feel comfortable and their evolution will be monitored to see their improvements.

Finally, the administration employees who are in constant communication with the different clients, will receive speaking lessons to have a more fluent conversation and to feel more confident when answering the calls.

In addition, there are two methodologies to develop these trainings; group training or One to One training, previously we have explained how to apply the group trainings according to the level of the employees, but if it is necessary for an employee to reinforce a specific aspect it would be done through One to One training (individual), in which the teacher will be able to focus 100% on the student and improve the necessary aspects.

Thanks to our personalized online training, the teachers monitor the students to see their evolution and to meet the objectives and demands of the company. With this type of online training, you have all the proximity of classroom training and the advantages of online training such as the ability to balance schedules and avoid travel time, as well as completely adapt to employees, helping to reconcile work life with learning and work.

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