habilidades demandadas por las empresas 2021

2020 has been a year of radical change for most companies, all of which have had to make (and continue to make) major changes in order to adapt to the new normality. It is logical to think that if companies have adapted their business model, they have also changed their needs for new jobs. However, only one demand has been reinforced that already existed previously: digital jobs. 

To meet these demands, companies have two options, to hire new employees or to train their current employees in these demands. It is clear that if the volume of new work is very high it is necessary to hire a new person, however if it is not so high, betting on training your current employees is the best option. Your employees are the ones who know the company best. Reinforcing their knowledge in the necessary disciplines will save both money and time compared to hiring a new person. In this post we tell you about those skills that will be in demand in 2021… Go train your team!

What are the most demanded skills for 2021? 

  • Data Analysis 

Data is one of the most useful tools companies can obtain, helping them to identify consumer behaviour and to be able to create adapted strategies. That is why professionals who know how to process a database and shape it to find patterns in it are so important.

  • UX Design 

As the consumer is still our centre, these professionals are in charge of the experience the user has on their website. Now more than ever, websites are the shop windows of shops, so they must be intuitive and easy to handle so that the user finds what he wants and his experience is satisfactory. 

  • Digital Marketing 

A good online presence is fundamental for a business to succeed nowadays. To achieve this, there must be a team of digital marketing professionals in charge of the web, social networks, SEO, SEM, email marketing… 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

Machines are able to make decisions based on the information they have, help process data and predict behaviour, in companies it serves to know their customers better and anticipate their needs. It is one of the knowledge most demanded by companies due to the shortage of professionals in this field. 

  • Programming 

The great demand for IT talent, we find more and more eCommerce so there must be professionals constantly working on programming and maintaining websites to improve the user experience. 

  • Soft Skills 

The “non-digital” skill that is increasingly required in both employees and new hires are soft skills; leadership, assertiveness, coaching… In the situation in which we find ourselves many companies continue to opt for teleworking, managing a team remotely is not as easy as doing it on site, so those with responsibility within the company must be aware of the importance of this type of skill. 

  • Languages 

Last but not least: languages. All companies decide to train their employees in this discipline either as a benefit for their employees, to encourage the growth of the company… Training employees in languages always has benefits for the company’s performance. Efficient communication with customers is essential to be chosen over competitors. The languages most in demand are usually English or French, but many companies opt for German and for training their international employees in Spanish

How can I train my employees this 2021?

All these skills can be learnt by your current employees through training. At Classgap for Enterprise we are committed to personalised online training, through which your employees can be trained in any speciality from home, with live teachers as if it were a face-to-face class with the best international teachers. We work with both group and One to One classes depending on the needs of each company and we monitor the training to ensure that the desired objectives are achieved. 

Do you want to bet on the online training of your employees? Our professionals are happy to answer your questions without any obligation, contact us!