English classes for employees

Surely you have considered offering English classes for employees in your company or, even, you have already implemented them. If this is the case, congratulations, as corporate training is the best way to achieve a stable, cohesive and well-prepared team.

We don’t know what your experience of organising English classes for employees has been and what they have found, but what we can tell you is that most companies have the wrong approach to this training. This is because corporate training is not the same as standard training. A course focused on professionals in a specific area has to be adapted as much as possible to the needs of each employee and to the general objectives of the company.

Unfortunately, most companies contract very general training courses for their employees, which do not address the topics that are of interest to them and which cannot be applied to the job. For example, when we talk about English classes for employees, it is essential that they are completely practical and that they respond to the individual level of each employee. Tired of not finding good training for your employees? Don’t worry, read on, in this post we tell you why.

Table of contents:

  1. The best online English classes for employees
  2. How to apply English classes for employees correctly to each job position
  3. Native teachers and English classes for employees: all the advantages
  4. How to get free English classes for employees (for the company)

The best online English classes for employees

Traditionally, we have always thought of corporate training as one in which an expert comes to the company and gives a master class to the whole department. The truth is that times are changing and, with them, business training needs are evolving. Nowadays, the easiest, fastest and most reliable option is to provide personalised online training to the employees who need it.

The best online training companies have the option of group classes, perfect for training (for example) the sales department in a new language, or One-to-One training. One-to-One training is aimed at employees who need to be trained in a particular skill to apply it directly in the workplace or for managers who need to perfect certain languages or techniques.

English classes for employees

One of the key elements of the best online English classes is to have a unique platform where you can connect with the teacher and learn everything you need to know for your job. At Classgap for Enterprise we have developed the “Virtual Classroom“, a space where teacher and student can have a two-way communication, share notes, practice, exercises… Everything to have the best possible experience in business education.

How to apply English classes for employees correctly to each job position

The first thing you need to do in order to offer the best professional training to your employees is to know their real needs and the objectives they have both personally and professionally. It is very important to know that your employees’ training may not only be useful for work purposes, but they may also have a personal interest in learning English. In that case, this training would help to promote emotional salary and the feeling of belonging to the company.

In addition, you need to analyse each department, as it is likely that each of these employees will require different training with a different focus. For example, it is probable that the digital marketing department needs to reinforce English from a more technological point of view applied to the web. Customer service, on the other hand, may need to become more conversationally fluent and know how to best converse with customers.

If you’re still not clear on what your employees might need or how to approach training, don’t worry. At Classgap for Enterprise we have a free audit service where our experts in the field will advise you and guide you through the whole process.

English audit

Native teachers and English classes for employees: all the advantages

If you want to train your employees in English for companies, the best thing we can recommend is that you choose a native English teacher. This person will undoubtedly be the best professional to train a team of employees, because as it is their mother tongue, they will know the business language used in their region perfectly and will be able to pass it on to their students. In addition, what you can learn from a native speaker is priceless for someone who has learnt the language from scratch.

Advantages of having a native teacher in your in-company English classes for employees: 

  • English classes for employeesLose the fear of speaking with native English speakers.
  • Greater comprehension and fluency in conversations
  • Reduce grammatical errors
  • Learn native expressions and contractions which will help you gain the confidence of the client.
  • Start to differentiate accents
  • Students learn about a new culture and how to interact correctly with them.

How to get free English classes for employees (for the company)

Do you think it’s impossible to get free English classes for employees? Then you don’t know about all the help that FUNDAE can offer you. This is a governmental organisation that grants training credit to any company that wants to train its employees. This training is currently carried out through the “new face-to-face training” modality, which consists of providing company training online but with specific conditions as if it were face-to-face (student and teacher are connected simultaneously, they can communicate directly, they can share notes, do exercises…).

Free English classes for employees: What do I need?

  • Self-employed and civil servants cannot apply
  • Calculate your company’s training credit with the “bonus calculator” tool.
  • Choose the best official training company for your company’s employee English classes
  • Must meet the requirements for training subsidies
  • FUNDAE must be applied for or the training company must arrange the subsidy for you.

You have already seen how much you can get out of good English classes for employees. If so… Do you want to start working on it? Contact us today and don’t wait any longer to train your employees in English for companies!