We have been living in a digital environment for a long time, yet at first we were not aware of the great impact it was going to have on our lives. The digital world accompanies us from the moment we wake up until we go to bed, turning off the alarm and reading the news while we have breakfast as well as answering messages and setting the alarm for the next day, the mobile is always with us.

If we want to know information about any product or service, Google is our portable encyclopaedia, adding comments, ratings and comparisons with similar products that may interest us. Furthermore, we trust it, if we find an English school that has a good rating, we trust Google’s criteria.

“84% of the population uses the internet to consult information”

If you’re not on the internet, you’re nobody, which is why companies must move to a 100% digital plane. Nowadays, the recognition that a company has is based practically on the presence it has on the internet, on what it transmits and what consumers can see. The image that a company projects on the web is fundamental, it is the first impression that the client is going to have and this is very difficult to change. Training your employees in Digital Marketing is the way to transpose 100% of the soul of the company to the digital plane without losing the essence along the way.

How can you train your employees in Digital Marketing?

Very easily, following the Classgap for Enterprise method.

Our priority is that your company meets 100% of its training objectives, so our experts evaluate each case through an audit to create a specific training plan that suits your needs.

Online training can be in groups or individually, depending on the digital marketing skills your team needs to develop. Your company may wish to initiate employees with generic or more specific digital marketing training. For example, you may want to hire a basic training in Digital Strategy, where employees will learn basic concepts and the use of tools, or you may choose specific training for a project in your company, where you need to learn some specific knowledge to apply it to the business strategy, whether it is organic web positioning (SEO), paying (SEM), Google certificates… 

During the training, your company’s HR department will be able to monitor it; it will see how many classes have been carried out and those that are scheduled, as well as the total number of hours contracted.

Measuring the ROI of the Digital Marketing training of your employees with this method is very easy, even more so if you bonus it. The State Training Foundation (FUNDAE) grants up to 100% of the training in Digital Marketing to your employees, and don’t miss out on the changes in the bonus implemented in 2020 due to the COVID-19. 

If you have any doubts about how to start training your employees, our experts are happy to help you!