English is the language of business, employees are aware that they need to learn the language in order to do their job well, get promoted or find new job opportunities with better conditions. If employees have the ability to communicate directly with new customers and companies in their native language, it is a plus point for establishing a good and stable business relationship.

Do you want to find the best in-company English language training? If you want to improve your company’s results, the best option is to use English to train your employees. What do you need for training to work properly? Exactly, a good English teacher. To find the best training option, you need to know what level your employees are starting from and to do this, they can take our in-company English test.

Choosing a native tutor who has knowledge of the sector in which the company works is always the best option. It is important to bear in mind that you should value their knowledge, but also their method. What do we mean? A teacher may be very nice and fun, but may not fit in academically with the employees. By this we don’t mean that you should go for a more serious or boring teacher, you should find someone who has that balance.

The keys to a good teacher for in-company English classes

In-company English classes have become one of the best rewards for employees. Having the opportunity to train and learn a language such as English is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth. For employees it is a reward to be able to enjoy training in English, as they know that learning English strengthens their CV, expands their frontiers by allowing them to travel the world more comfortably and provides them with additional advantages in their day-to-day work.

In order to make training as rewarding as possible, it is very important to find a good English tutor for your employees. What do you need to consider to make the right choice?

  • Experience and professionalism: Anyone who is fluent in English is not a good teacher of English. A good teacher must be trained in this area and, of course, have error-free grammatical knowledge, which is quite common among non-professionals. In addition, you should find a teacher who is fluent in English in your company’s area of work. What does this mean? If your company is in the legal sector, you should look for a teacher who is familiar with legal concepts in English.
  • Plan English language training: Offering a few English lessons to your employees is not enough. The company must plan a complete training programme based on the needs and objectives of the employees. In-company English courses can be 100% personalised, but for this, it is essential to know what the employees who are going to take the training need. In addition to the course planning to be done by the teacher, the company must organise the course well. If it is not planned, it is likely to start with a lot of enthusiasm, however, throughout the course, hours of training may be wasted and even the purpose may be abandoned without obtaining any results.
  • Method and materials: A good teacher will not limit himself/herself to simply giving grammatical exercises and correcting them; this method does not serve to transmit knowledge. The teacher must be there to resolve the doubts of the employees, correct their mistakes and defects in pronunciation… In addition, it is important that he/she does not just teach the language, he/she must try to transmit the culture and customs of his/her native country. Learning the language is essential, but knowing the customs will make all the difference when it comes to international negotiations.
  • Training school and its teachers: Where to find the best teachers? You should look for a good training school that offers the best teachers. Your employees’ command of English is the key point that makes the difference in today’s globalised job market. With in-company English language training, not only the company benefits, but also each of your employees who will be able to grow personally and professionally.

To find the best in-company English language training, you need to look for a training option that offers the greatest convenience and flexibility for your employees. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector. You can find Business English classes to master English in the workplace… English training for employees can be done in groups or One to One, depending on the needs and objectives of the employees.

English language training for employees is 100% personalised. We are based on the objectives and needs of the company and the employees themselves. We offer our service through the “Virtual Classroom”, our own platform where the student and the teacher can maintain two-way communication, share notes, watch videos, do exercises… There they will find the essential tools to complete their English training for employees.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us and do not wait any longer to start training your employees in English for business.