Flexibility to adapt to employees‘ schedules, specialised English teachers for companies, an advice and support service that is always ready to resolve any incident quickly and efficiently… These are some of the features that the best English courses for companies should incorporate. At Classgap for Enterprise our priority objective is to offer language courses for companies that are 100% customised to the needs of each company and employee.

Table of contents

  • Business English courses for companies: E Learning vs. face-to-face, which is better?
  • Business English courses for companies: group or one-to-one training depending on your needs
  • The 5 decisive advantages that business English courses provide you with
  • Boost your employees’ training: in-company English course subsidies

In-company English courses: E Learning vs. face-to-face which is better?

E-Learning English courses for companies are the best option to provide modern and practical training that allows employees to obtain results from the very first classes.

Face-to-face courses have several limitations. It is not easy to find specialised in-company language teachers in all cities. Even less so with the availability to adapt to employees’ schedules. Moreover, for teleworking employees, online business English courses are the best alternative, as they can establish direct and fluid contact with tutors and other colleagues through the Virtual Classroom.

Cursos de Business English para empresas: formación grupal o individual en función de tus necesidades

At Classgap for Enterprise we don’t just offer language courses for companies. Our aim is to accompany your team throughout their learning journey.

We start by advising you on how to efficiently organise in-company English language training, we adapt to your employees’ work schedules so that they can reconcile their tasks with their classes, and we provide them with new tools and resources as they increase their knowledge.

All of Classgap for Enterprise’s in-company English training can be configured, both individually and in groups, depending on the needs and objectives of the company and of each job position.

If you want to know the real level of English of your staff, you can use our Business English test. It will help you to find out what each employee needs and to set personalised objectives.

The 5 decisive advantages that in-company English courses give you

Business English courses turn a limited company into a corporation ready to take on any challenge it faces.

Exploring new markets, improving employee skills and productivity, positioning yourself as a benchmark in your sector… these are some of the decisive advantages that English for Business provides you with.

1. Increased productivity. Employees perceive that you care about their professional growth and development. This has a positive impact on their level of commitment to the company’s strategic objectives and generates a pleasant working environment in which the whole team feels valued.

2. Internationalisation of the business. English is considered “the language of business”. It doesn’t matter what market you want to operate in. With business English courses you get all the resources and tools you need to communicate fluently with clients, partners and public administrations anywhere in the world.

3. More income with the minimum investment. The Internet is a global market where there are no geographical or time barriers, so why not market your products and services to millions of potential customers instead of settling for a small regional or national market? The investment in business English courses is minimal compared to the revenue you can earn.

4. 100% practical learning. Thanks to the tools provided by virtual classrooms, it is very easy to simulate real scenarios in which employees can practice what they learn in the business English classes.

5. Access to specialised training. Learning English for business is the first step towards international and specialised training in the business area. The best universities and business schools in the world offer their training courses in English, and many of them also do so in E-Learning mode.

Boost your employees’ training: subsidised English courses for companies

Training your employees with in-company English courses allows you to expand your business into any international market with maximum guarantees.

In addition, in order to incentivise corporations that offer their employees in-company language courses, FUNDAE (State Foundation for Employment Training) offers training credits through deductions in Social Security contributions.

Classgap for Enterprise takes care of the management of the subsidies for in-company English courses for you. This way you can concentrate 100% on your business while your employees receive tailor-made training.  

Contact us now and we will help you design the best English course for companies.