Have you established business relations with an Italian company, do you want to improve the Italian language level of your employees by combining classes with their working hours?

Classgap for Enterprise’s business Italian courses can be customised to suit the needs of your employees and your company’s strategic objectives. Are you ready to give them a try?

Tips to find the best Italian language courses for companies

The first step in finding the best Italian language courses for companies is to carry out an analysis that includes both the needs of each position and the objective to be achieved.

It is the typical “where we are” and “where we want to be” report but applied to Italian for business. At Classgap for Enterprise we have a tool that will be of great help to you to carry out this initial analysis: the Italian for business test.

You already have all the background information you need to find the best in-company Italian language courses. Let’s take a look at what aspects are most important when choosing training.

Flexible working hours to adapt to the activity of your employees

While in-company Italian language training for your employees may be important, for example, to internationalise your business, what is not sustainable is that they have to leave their jobs to take lessons at a time that suits the tutors.

The best in-company language courses are those in which you can choose both the days on which the classes are held and the timetable. In addition, the provider should offer you alternatives whenever you are forced to make changes to any of the scheduled sessions.

Leveled and scalable learning

Do you remember the initial report in which you define the needs of each position and its objectives? Chances are that you will find yourself with employees at different levels.

This calls for personalised and scalable in-company Italian language training. Personalised because employees who have had no previous contact with the language need introductory business Italian courses.

But others may require a more communication-oriented apprenticeship and a command of business Italian.

And scalable because, whatever the level of Italian of your employees, it is essential that they have the necessary resources and tools to improve their skills progressively and without limitations.

Assistance in the management of subsidies

Did you know that all companies are entitled to a deduction in their social security contributions for offering their employees in-company language courses?

The problem is that you do not always have the time or the resources to deal with the bureaucratic procedures to access these bonuses.

The best in-company Italian courses are provided by organisations that offer you application assistance or even undertake to co-ordinate the whole process of managing your bonus for you.

Teachers specialised in Italian for companies

There are many ways of teaching Italian and many practical applications requiring different skills. Learning Italian for sightseeing in Rome is not the same as learning Italian for a formal business meeting.

In the best Italian courses for companies you will always find specialist tutors with technical knowledge who will be very useful when it comes to clarifying doubts and simulating real situations for conversational practice.

Modern digital tools and resources

Many of the communications your employees make with Italian collaborators or clients are carried out using digital tools. In addition to mastering Italian for business, quality and up-to-date training must include the use of these resources.

In Classgap for Enterprise, communication between business language learners and their tutors takes place via video call lessons from a Virtual Classroom.

This classroom also incorporates other very useful resources to facilitate learning, such as virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, chat, or integration with tools such as Google Drive to share all kinds of files.

Customer service and personalised advice

When it comes to in-company Italian language courses, the training of employees is just as important as the support offered by the provider.

When recruiting, an efficient company will help you choose the most suitable training for your objectives. During the duration of the courses, the customer service should be available to answer questions and to offer alternatives when a session has to be cancelled. It is equally important to guarantee the availability of the platform and to be able to resolve any incident quickly through the technical support team.

Now that you know how to find the best Italian language courses for business, it’s time to take action. At Classgap for Enterprise we offer you flexible, scalable Italian language training with all the resources and tools your employees need. Shall we get started? Get in touch with us.