english classes for employees

English classes for employees are more necessary than ever. Most companies are constantly working to find out what the best online English classes are, how to apply them correctly to each job and how to choose the right native English teacher for their employees. It is important to keep all of the above in mind, as making the right decisions in this field means business success or wasting our time and money.

Furthermore, despite what most people believe, English classes for employees don’t have to be expensive – in fact, if you know how to play your cards right, they can be practically free. That’s why some HR managers even ask themselves: Have we been going about employee English classes the wrong way? Well, if you haven’t taken into account the needs of each employee, you might have.

Here are the best tips on how to get the most out of your employee English classes and save as much money as possible!

English classes for employees: what is the best value for money?

The first thing to bear in mind is that the best professional training for your employees is the one that is fully adapted to their objectives and needs. There are many types of training and it is easy to think that any type of training will suit you, but the truth is that training which is too general will not cover the real problem of your company and will only provide knowledge which is too general. The best value for money will always come from courses that really help your employees to advance both professionally and in terms of business. Anything that cannot focus on these objectives will not really meet the training needs of your employees. You know what they say… “cheap is expensive”.

english classes for employeesOne of the most important steps is to find the ideal training school for the English classes for employees. To do this, we have to look for an entity that focuses on English for business, that personalises the classes so that all employees learn as much as possible and, above all, that has its own online tools to provide the best training. At Classgap for Enterprise we have more than 10 years of experience in the training sector, so we offer all this and more to all those companies that wish to advance their business through the training of their employees. Our online platform “Virtual Classroom” is the perfect place to conduct English classes for companies and for employees to learn in a quick and easy way.

How can I get the cheapest price on training for workers?

The answer is very simple: FUNDAE. This is a Spanish public sector foundation which gives a training credit to companies so that they can promote vocational training among their employees. Thanks to this governmental aid many companies can have access to train their employees with the best methodologies without worrying about the economic costs. To give you an idea… A small company can get up to 100% of the training subsidy!

What requirements do I have to fulfil to obtain the training credit?

  • You must not be self-employed or work for a public institution.
  • Take the training with an official school, such as Classgap for Enterprise.
  • The training you are applying for must be job-related.
  • Follow all the steps in the management of the training credit.
  • Inform when the training starts and when it ends.
  • Contribute to the costs of private co-financing.

english classes for employees

If you are not sure how to apply for this training credit, don’t worry. At Classgap for Enterprise we have a totally free audit service where our experts in the area will walk you through the whole process and manage this aid for you.


If all the requirements are met and this training credit is applied for correctly, you can get your employee English classes for free! What more could you ask for? Contact us today and don’t miss out on the opportunity for your employees to learn business English to perfection.